The Best Ever!!!

            Martin Brodeur has made NHL history, as he has collected the 552nd win of his spectacular career last night. After kicking away a final effort by his opposition and the sound of the horn, Marty hopped off the ice in excitement as he has added yet another tremendous accomplishment to his long resume.




            This elite goaltender has been poised for greatness since his rookie year. Marty’s best known for his unique style and knack for making spectacular; crucial saves in the clutch. His remarkable glove reflects and headstrong personality combine with his ultimate conistency of greatness make him the best goaltender in NHL history.


            Brodeur has been the backbone to this New Jersey Devils franchise in the last 16 or so years. Marty has been the last line of defense and led the Devils to being one of the most successful teams in all of sports during his tenure. Three Stanley Cup Championships and plethora of division championships have solidified the Devils as a constant Championship contender.


 Marty clearly has a trophy case of wonders that includes his three Stanley Cup Championships and 4 Vezina Trophys. Brodeur also has a 2002 Olympic Gold Medal leading Canada to the promise land. He basically has his own record book filled with various feats from his newly achieved regular season wins record, to record for wins in one season (48), to most 40 win seasons (7), to the most consecutive 30  (12) and 35 (11) win seasons, and most shutouts in regular season and playoffs combined.


            When comparing Martin Brodeur with the former record holder Patrick Roy the numbers seem to already favor Marty Brodeur in most categories. As for the playoff stats, it just seems like a matter of time till Brodeur rules them too. The only record that is sure to favor Roy at the end of it all is Conn Smythe Trophy wins as he currently leads 3-0 over Marty, as Brodeur was robbed of this achievement in 2003 when he shut the Ducks out three times in the Stanley Cup finals. Roy also leads Brodeur in Stanley Cup Championships 4-3.


Reg Season                Games      Wins      GAA        SO    


Brodeur                         987          552        2.20         100

Roy                               1029         551        2.54          66



Playoffs                       Games       Wins     GAA       SO             


Brodeur                         169             95         1.96        22

Roy                                247            151        2.30        23




            Lost in this mix was yet another incredible achievement. New Jersey Devils, Patrik Elias became the franchise’s all-time leader in points surpassing John MacLean with 702 points. Elias has had a great career and is known for his excellent puck control and superb stick skills. He has won two Stanley Cups with the Devils and showed his loyalty in staying with the franchise despite higher contract offers from big name teams across the league. Elias is also the player who has been on the winning side with Brodeur the most times (398).


On top of that the Devils have inched even closer to the Boston Bruins at the top of the conference, as they now only trail the Bruins by four points with two games in hand and an upcoming battle against each other on Sunday.

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