Favorite Devils Line of All-Time

You know the success of the Zach Parise-Travis Zajac-Jamie Langenbrunner line got me to thinking about famous Devils lines of the past and what your favorite Devils line of all-time would be right now.  Now a good deal of these lines are since the Devils started winning Cups in 1995, but there is also love in my heart for the Patrick Sundstrom-Kirk Muller-John MacLean combo of years ago, I think the Devils legendary era began with in 1995.  The spark might have been in 88, but the explosion finally happened in 95.

So without further ado, here are my nominees for the greatest and most famous Devils' lines ever:

The A Line:  Jason Arnott, Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora.  I think this line was broken up prematurely.  I imagine that the greatness of this group would've exploded had they remained together for years. The Devils Cup in 2000 remains my favorite sports memory of all-time and that line scored the goal that led to me running through a Greensboro, NC hotel lobby screaming like a crazy person.  Some of the goals this line scored were some of the prettiest in the history of the franchise.  They seemed to share a brain.  And I've got to admit, I occasionally wish that the Devils could somehow bring back Sykora and Arnott for a later career reunion.  It doesn't make sense, but I loved that line so much.

The Crash Line:  Randy McKay, Bobby Holik and Mike Peluso.  The aptly-named trio was a fan-favorite in NJ because of their willingness to play both ends of the rink, hammer opponents on the forecheck and chip in the occasional goal.  Some would argue that the Devils probably would not have won in 95 if not for this line and the intimidation factor it brought with it to the rink every night.

E-G-G Line:  Scott Gomez, Patrick Elias and Brian Gionta.  This line helped Brian Gionta eclipse the most goals by a Devils' player in a single-season with 48.  Gionta and Gomez fed off each other perfectly as each knew their role.  Elias was his usual creative best and could either provide scoring or helpers.  I loved this line because of the diminutive nature of the line and it's willingness to go to the "hard" areas of the ice to score goals.

ZZ Pop Line:  The aforementioned Zajac, Langenbrunner and Parise line.  This line could very well be the best of the bunch when all is said and done.  Parise could be the first Devil to score 50 goals in a season.  Zajac seems like he has limitless potential and he does a lot of crucial things that a team needs to win.  He's a goalie screener, a backchecker, a penalty killer and power play guy.  Regardless of how unheralded he is, Zajac is becoming one of the big reasons for the Devils' success.  There isn't much more that I can say about Parise other than he's one of the hardest working skilled players I've ever seen.  He's like a combination of Stephane Richer's offensive skills with Pat Conacher's work ethic.  He's the ultimate Devil cyborg.  The D1000 if you will.


So there you have it.  There might another line I've forgotten, but these are the most famous ones in Devils' history.  My personal favorite was the A Line because of their Borg-like ability on the ice.  But the ZZ Pop line is quicky catching up on it.  I loved the Crash Line too, but I like more offensive flare on a favorite line. 

What was your favorite?  Vote below and then chime in as to why.

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