Devils Fan Guide: Chants

[Welcome to the first edition of the Devils Fan Guide Weekly Section post.  Once a week, I'll write a section about the experience at the Rock or about the Devils that's suited for new fans, fans who haven't been to the Rock, and old fans who'd like to see a resource surrounding all this.  I'm going to put it in a FanPost, you all can comment on it as you wish.  Maybe I missed something. Maybe I got something wrong. Maybe you'd like something added.  All criticism is fair game for a week (or so). After a week (or so), I'll close the comments and format the content into a separate page.

In these brackets and italicized words will be my own commentary that won't likely appear in the guide.  I'm going to try and be as neutral as possible.  If you feel that I'm not, please say so.]

Devils Chants

As with most sports, the Devils fanbase has come up with a number of chants and things they traditionally yell at games.  This section will go into detail into what they are.  This way, you don't go to a Devils game and wonder "What in the world are they saying."   In fact, you can join in.   After all, this is a sporting event, not a library.  Make some noise in support of Jersey's Team.  Note, anything in parentheses are either claps or responses.

Chant #1: Let's Go Devils

The Chant in Words: "Let's-Go-Devils! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)"

The Chant in Multimedia:  Performed here by the 232/233 fans

Popularity & What It Is: Massive.  It's the one of the few that can and is done by pretty much anyone in the arena.  The PA system at the Rock does try and get this going during stoppages in play, but the most vocal versions are the ones started by the fans during the game itself.

When Used: When there's a lull in noise, when the team appears to need some support, at the beginning of games, and even at the end of another well-known chant.

Anything Else to Know: This is a pretty standard template for fans across all sports.  So it's definitely not original, but it's certainly effective.

Chant #2: Baumann's Chant

The Chant in Words: "(build up of clapping) ARE YOU READY? (crowd around him: Yeah!) ARE YOU READY? (crowd: Yeah!) GIVE ME A "D!" (D!) GIVE ME AN "E!" (E!) GIVE ME A "V!" (V!) GIVE ME AN "I!" (I!) GIVE ME A "L!" (L!) GIVE ME A "S!" (S!) WHAT'S THAT SPELL? (Devils!) WHAT'S THAT SPELL? (DEVILS!)  LET'S GO DEVILS!" (go to Chant #1)

The Chant in Multimedia: As led by Baumann himself among 232/233 at the Rock.

Popularity & What It Is: Well-known.  I call it Baumann's Chant because A) I'm not quite sure what else to call it (the spelling?) and B) it's usually led by a fan by the name of Mark Baumann.  I'm not sure how it started or how he's regarded, but it's become a mainstay among the Devils faithful.

When Used:  He usually leads the chant during the second period (around halfway) of the game up in sections 232/233 and as it goes on (usually after "E!") fans in nearby sections in that end of the Rock pick up on it.  Sometimes it's done later and in other sections, but that's also rare.

Anything Else to Know:  The popularity of the chant has grown since Kevin Smith did a vignette for the Devils where he and his kids did the chant that appears on RockVision from time to time. 

Chant #3: HEY! Response Chant

The Chant in Words: "HEY! YOU SUCK!"

The Chant in Multimedia: This user got a good recording of the fans going at it to the song's chorus.

Popularity & What It Is: Very large and welcomed because it means the Devils just scored. Traditionally, when the Devils score, the chorus of Rock and Roll Part II is played. In between every "HEY!" the fans yell "YOU SUCK!"  The second part is directed to  Fans generally clap along to the beat as well.

When Used: After every goal scored, during the playing of Rock and Roll Part II.

Anything Else to Know: When the Devils organization went with a different goal song (the Bouncing Souls' "Ole") for a few seasons, this died out.  Thankfully, the Devils got a version of the song that sees no royalties given to Gary Glitter and this long time favorite was brought back (I think) two seasons ago.

Chant #4: Rangers Suck

The Chant in Words: (whistle: do-do-doooo-do-DO, do-do-doo-do-DO, do-do-dooo-do-DO, do-do-do) RANGERS SUCK! (Flyers' Swallow!)

The Chant in Multimedia: This fan got the climax of the chant at the Rock in 2008.

Popularity & What It Is: Very Large. This is likely the second most common chant at the Rock.  It's done at every game at some point or another.  I'm not sure who whistles it, but someone does and at the end, the fans immediately yell "RANGERS SUCK!" with a few following up with "Flyers Swallow."  If you ever wonder who the Devils fans hate the most, this chant answers that quickly.

When Used: Any time there's a lull in the action.  Expect to hear it at every game regardless of opponent.

Anything Else to Know: This is actually a variation on the Rangers fans "POTVIN SUCKS!", which was for Islanders legend Denis Potvin.  Sure, Devils fans yelling about the Rangers when they aren't playing the Rangers looks foolish but at least the Rangers are still an active team.  There's no one even named Potvin in the league. 

[Incidentally, I feel the urge to put my own thoughts on this because A) the Flyers Swallow part makes this more juvenile and B) it's really stupid to waste a versatile chant like this on just the Rangers - why can't the fans modify it by opponent? It's not like the fanbase likes anyone BUT the Devils.  I will keep it out for now.]

Chant #5: Chicken Dance (a.k.a. Rangers Suck Part II)

The Chant in Words: (as the PA plays the chicken dance song notes, clapping along) "THE-RAN-GERS-SUCK!"

The Chant in Multimedia: Here's the fans doing it at the old Continental Airlines Arena.

Popularity & What It Is: It's not that common, it's more or less done by more long-time fans.  Basically, the Devils follow the New York Islanders' tradition of expressing their feelings about Our Hated Rivals during the Chicken Dance.

When Used: Anytime the PA plays the Chicken Dance song. 

Anything Else to Know: Here's how the Islanders fans do it at Nassau Coliseum.

Chant #6: If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

The Chant in Words:  (to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands), "If you think the Rangers suck, clap your hands (clap, clap); If you think the Rangers suck, clap your hands (clap, clap); If you think the Rangers suck, and they'll never win the Cup; If you think the Rangers suck, clap your hands (clap, clap)."

The Chant in Multimedia:  This is also another chant done by Islanders fans, so here's them doing it at Nassau.

Popularity & What It Is: Like the Chicken Dance, this is done in response to the PA playing "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands."  It's also not common but from time to time, it's done at Devils games.  Once again, an expression of the fanbase's opinion about Our Hated Rivals.

When Used: Anytime the PA plays "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands"

Anything Else to Know:  Not really.

Chant #7: MARTY!

The Chant in Words: "MARTY! (clap clap) MARTY! (clap clap) MARTY! (clap clap)"

The Chant in Multimedia: [I couldn't find an example,anyone got one?]

Popularity & What It Is: Growing.  It's done out of respect for Martin Brodeur, the legendary goaltender for the New Jersey Devils.

When Used: Anytime Brodeur makes a big save or breaks yet another record.

Anything Else to Know: When Patrik Elias broke the franchise record for points, the fans serenaded him with "PATTY! (clap clap) PATTY! (clap clap) PATTY (clap clap)

Chant #8: Marty's Better

The Chant in Words: It's like Let's Go Devils, but replace it with a player's name or "Marty's Better"

The Chant in Multimedia: Audio's crazy loud, but here's the fans making the noise during the first round in last year's playoffs.

Popularity & What It Is: Inconsistent but perhaps it's improving.  Why? Because Marty's Better.

When Used: Sometimes this is used when Brodeur makes a big save or has a big game as well.  Usually yelled to make a point, but it's inconsistent.

Anything Else to Know: The format is also used for players like Scott Stevens (SCOT-TY STE-VENS! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

Chant #9: Kill Chant

The Chant in Words: "KILL! (pause) KILL! (pause) KILL! (pause)" (repeat)

The Chant in Multimedia: [I also can't find an example of this, does anyone know of one?]

Popularity & What It Is: A new one from the Rock and it seems to have come out of sections 208/209.  This is chant specifically for when the Devils kill a penalty.  An airhorn is usually used to keep the beat between shouts of "KILL!"

When Used: Whenever the Devils are pinned in their own zone on a penalty kill.  It's not really done if the Devils are consistently clearing the puck before the opposition does anything.

Anything Else to Know: The Devils fans have a chant specifically for penalty kills.  That's pretty impressive, no?

[If you know of any other chants, any comments about the chants, any videos of chants, and anything related to chants for the Devils, please leave a comment.]

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