Kovy & His Style of Play


We all can see the burst in his skating, the vigor he places in his shots on goal and a desire to be good, I mean really good at the NHL. There is just one thing I keep thinking about in regards to Kovy, how to play as one with his teammates.

Chemistry can occur at a spur of a moment and last for days, months, even years. It also can take just as long to be created for whatever reason. Kovy looks like a leader who has not been able to lead since he has joined the Devils. Possibly his linemates are not used to having a player be so dynamic on the ice offensively. In the same token you could try comparing Kovy to Parise, but I think it's hard because they are two very different offensive players. As John Fisher wrote early in the year, Parise gets a ton of goals very close to the net, versus what I can tell so far, Kovy may not fit that scrappy style as well.

When Kovy and the word leader I dont see that as a fit with NJ.  I think he lead by default in Atlanta based on there talent and desparation for a player to step up to the plate on ATL team, organization and even the cities representation for hockey. The situation is completly different here in NJ and for upcoming years I dont know if a player who is looking for a max deal would want to play without a C, A, or A listed on the front of  his Jersey. O.k. this is getting  off the topic but I can't help but wonder... 

I would like to see Kovy get more physical with his play, because I think this could spark his offense. The more aggression he get's out there could allow for him to open up his offense skills with more comfort. He is not a small guy by any means and he plays up-tempo but unless Sean Avery is playing every game against him, the aggression looks checked at the door.  Possibly the addition of Clarkson could be a pairing which could ignite the fire?

The guy is pretty fresh off a trade, the Olympic festivities (where's the defense Russia?), and even his wife is about to have a child. Too say his world has changed pretty dramatically in the last month is an understatement. The clock is ticking and we have a month for all to get comfortable before the playoffs, I can only think they will figure a way to make it work.

I just hope to God, Baby Jesus, and/or Ricky Bobby we can right the ship and get past the divisional round for starters. I have never felt a darker day as a life long Devils fan then walked out of the Pru after the Canes games 7 and wondering, WTF just happend?

Bottom line, this is the Devils under Lou and Jacques, feels good to have April right around the corner again. 


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