Updated: Another Vezina for Marty? Vezina Finalists Announced

UPDATED: I originally had Marty with 9 other goalies, but released the finalists today here. So here's the updated post. 

A few weeks ago, many of you including myself thought this may be a reach, but now Marty is a finalist (I think for the 11th time). With his recent play though, does it seem he could be the front runner for his 5th Vezina Trophy in 7 seasons?

I took Martin Brodeur's, Ryan Miller's, and Ilya Bryzgalov's stats and compared them. The statistics I took were Games Played, Wins, Winning %, GAA, Save %, and Shutouts. Note: Winnging % is equal. to (Wins) / (Wins + Loses + OT Loses); I did this because one may play in a game or start a game, but still not get the decision.

Player                    GP

M. Brodeur (NJD)   77
I. Bryzgalov (PHX)   69
R. Miller (BUF)        69

Player                    Wins

M. Brodeur (NJD)    45
I. Bryzgalov (PHX)    42
R. Miller (BUF)          41

Player               Winning %

I. Bryzgalov (PHX)   .618
R. Miller (BUF)         .612
M. Brodeur (NJD)    .592

Player                 GAA

R. Miller (BUF)            2.22
M. Brodeur (NJD)        2.24
I. Bryzgalov (PHX)       2.29

Player                Save %

R. Miller (BUF)            .929
I. Bryzgalov (PHX)      .920
M. Brodeur (NJD)      .916

Players                Shutouts

M. Brodeur (NJD)        9
I. Bryzgalov (PHX)       8
R. Miller (BUF)            5


Marty ranks 1st in GP, Wins, and SOs; 2nd in GAA; and last in Win % and Save %. R. Miller is at the top in GAA and Save %; 2nd in Win %; and last in GP, Wins, and SOs. Bryzgalov is 1st in Win %; 2nd in GP, Wins, Save %, and SOs; and last in GAA.

Marty ranks 1st in more categories than the other two goalies but his percentage stats aren't favorable. The three categories he does rank 1st in, the rankings goes (Marty, Brzygalov, Miller). That makes sense considering if you play more games, one can win more game, and if one wins more, you have the ability to get more shutouts.

What is good is that Marty, Bryzgalov, and Miller were the number 1 goalies and played almost the whole season. Does Miller and Bryzgalov get more of an edge because they were more valuable to there respective teams than Marty? Does Marty have an edge because the Devils #1 defensemen Paul Martin was out most of the season (I am really not up to date with BUF and PHX season injury report, so correct me if needed)? The Vezina Trophy is awarded to the "goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at this position as voted by the general managers of all NHL clubs." It doesn't go the most valued goalie, but the most outstanding one.

I think it's going to be a very close race this year. Marty broke a number of records this season to further his legendary HOF career. Miller was the best player at the Olympics and was a huge reason Team USA snatched a Silver Medal in Vancouver. Bryzgalov took the struggling franchise of Phoenix out of the tabloids and was the backbone of that making the playoffs and a top seed.

Let's discuss...

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