A Preview of the Off-Season......

Well I read the Offseason Gameplan by thejerseydevil and that sums up what I would have likely said in the beginning of the post. The only thing that seemed to be good this year was that nobody had expectations of us in the playoffs and of course the Kovalchuk trade. This team had great runs, horrible runs, and just a mediocre run. Once I saw that Devils Hawks game in Chicago on January 1 (New Year's) remember that? The terrible defensive game where Mad Dog scored? Yeah, the Devils weren't the same team after that. The Devils were 28-9-1 heading into that game. The aftermath ended up with a 21-17-5 record. Not a bad record but those 5 OT losses are still losses and it would make them 21-22 overall. But Lou will be faced with a boulder on his back hopping it doesn't kill him. If the Devils fail to sign Martin and Kovalchuk who knows if the fans will come to the games. You know the Devils with sign an offensive gun with over 10 million to spend on their players and other FA's. Here is a list of what I think sshould be top priorties in the off season ahead.

(Note- This is a list in what I think the Devils need to sign too.)

Starting off with.......

1- Ilya Kovalchuk- Could make this team a lot better with Kovy having more time to fit in... I DO NOT think money will have a BIG say in this contract.

2- Tomas Plekanec- Yes he is higher than Paul Martin on this team but we do need a center to fill that big gap in our lineup. You can't be disapointed with Fraser or Salmela in the games they played.

3- Paul Martin- Getting overpaid but will need to take a price cut in order to stay. No Guarantees though.

4- Joe Corvo- If you can't get Martin you can have a good chance to sign Corvo unless the Caps don't sign him.

5- Alexander Frolov- If you can't get Kovy, Frolov will be a liable option.


Who the Devils say goodbye to....

1- Mike Mottau- How many times has he been on the ice for a big goal scored against us?

2- Martin Skoula- Good player it seemed like in the season but was terrible in the playoffs.


Who played a key role and should be re-signed....

1- Dean McAmmond- What a signing.. Thinking he wasn't going to play another game and to show up like he did this year ends up with my approval. Only if he feels like he wants to still play.

2- David Clarkson- He should be in my top players but he slipped under the radar. If he doesn't want Ott and Lucic money. Sign him.

3- Rob Niedermayer- A lot of weight on his shoulders taking Madden's place and did pretty well. Wouldn't be unhappy if they didn't sign him.

Once again this is just my list not yours. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

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