Should the Devils trade Ilya Kovalchuk's rights to another team?

Well we just heard that Nashville has traded Hamhuis's rights to the Flyers for Ryan Parent and a 7th round pick. I think that is a good trade for Paul Holmgren but that is not what I am talking about. This raises the question of a Kovalchuk's rights being traded. It would likely be a first round pick just because that team that would want him will sign him. Kovalchuk is a great player and is more valuable to a draft pick right now. Oh, and he is pretty young too. One team that comes to mind for me is the Boston Bruins.

The Bruins seem to be the perfect trade partner for perhaps a Kovalchuk trade. First of all, they have the 2nd pick in the draft this year which could mean Tyler Seguin, a possible 2nd pick as Taylor Hall seems to be going to the Oilers. Seguin would be a great fit for a Devils team. He would be the 2nd line center with Elias and a possible FA on the right wing if Lou feels like he needs a RW. We would potentially free up close to 8 million dollars if Kovalchuk got that much. That would add a hefty load of cap space to sign Martin, another FA defenseman, and maybe a RW. Or a Zach Parise long term contract extension. Kovalchuk will likely not be signed unless he takes a 7-7.5 million contract early in the off-season. Which he will probably not and test the market. In my mind, if you can't sign Kovalchuk atleast get something back for him that is significant like a draft pick. But will Boston take that deal?

I had heard the Bruins were involved in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes and didn't work out a deal. Boston now has $4,302,857 in cap space with contracts like Recchi, Satan, and Stuart to name a few of contracts being terminated. There has been some talk of Blake Wheeler being traded to the Oilers and that pick for the 1st pick. But if a Kovalchuk, and NJ's second round pick for Boston's 1st round pick and maybe Blake Wheeler to free up some cap I don't know how Boston doesn't accept that. They get a potential 50 goal scorer and an early 2nd round pick in a draft that is very deep. New Jersey gets what they wanted and get Seguin and Wheeler. Who is a RW and would fit right in with a possible Elias-Seguin-Wheeler line. Wheeler's contract is up this year and is a RFA. I don't know how that works of a RFA traded. But it would keep the Devils from signing a 2nd line center that would probably take 3-4 million or 5 million depending on what center they could sign. Wheeler would be an excellent find for Lou as he picked up 38 points last year with a scoring slumping Bruins team and Blake is only 23 years old. Another scenario of that trade would maybe a Volchenkov signing. It would certainly be possible as the Devils have $15,940,000 in cap room to sign Martin, Clarkson, and other contracts. The Devils can certainly pick up Anton's 5 million dollar contract, if that is what he wants. That would be another piece to the Devils puzzle for a long Stanley Cup run with John MacLean.

I think this is definently possible but it does have some doubts as the Devils don't have a first round pick, sadly. If this exact deal worked out with Lou and Peter Chiarelli making it happen, it would maybe put the Devils "over the top." Just look at the possble line combo's that Devils would have if this deal worked...

Parise- Zajac- Langenbrunner

Elias- Seguin- Wheeler

Rolston- UFA- Clarkson

Leblond- Pelley- Zharkov


Martin- Salvador

Volchenkov- Greene

White- Salmela/ Mottau/ Fraser

It would be a great lineup for a rookie coach of John MacLean to work with. But will it happen or is it possible? Please state your opinion below and I will look forward to reading it. Thanks for reading!

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