Justin Shugg Draft Analysis.

As the draft approaches David Conte, Lou Lamoriello, and the other scouts have their hands full. Will they go offense with their first pick or will they go defense? Or even goaltending? We have seen many players be analyzed here like Brock Beukeboom, Bill Arnold, and many others. I will break down a Windsor Spitfire named Justin Shugg.

Shugg did really well with the Spits last season picking up 39 goals and 40 assists for a grand total of 79 points in 67 games. He is a winger that caught my eye in the OHL Memorial Cup playoffs. He finished behind Taylor Hall in points in the season with 79, Hall having 106. Here is what Bob Boughner (HC of the Spitfires) had to say about Justin... This is from

“Justin’s offensive instincts are some of the very best I’ve seen in the OHL. He is developing confidence in taking pucks to the net and is a valuable asset to have on the power play. He has a quick release when shooting the puck and is a pure goal scorer."

He is a great goal scorer indeed and can help the Devils have more deph on the wing. The only LW we have now that will be good in the future are Parise and Tedenby. Shugg can certainly solidify the LW spot in the next couple years. Shugg is definently the sleeper pick in the draft this year as he explains how he sees himself as a scorer. Courtesy of

"My shot is not a definite advantage," he told Hockey's Future recently. "When I get an opportunity, I guess I can score, but I try to be a playmaker."

Obviously when your on a stacked Windsor team, you have to work extremely hard to keep your roster spot and put up points. He really proved what he was made of last year. Another quote from Shugg.... Courtesy of

"I love being under pressure and when the game's late, I love being on the ice and being accountable," Shugg said, pointing out that Windsor was still in need of points to secure home-ice advantage for the playoffs.

I love this kid's desire for winning when it counts. I think he could fit with MacLean's style too. A quote from the HC of the Spitfires Boughner.... Courtesy of If you scroll down all the way you will find what he said.

"He's going to be a power-play guy for us next year, he's going to be play in all situations," Boughner said. "He's got a natural gift, his quick release, his shot, his playmaking abilities. He's going to have that chance to be the guy. It's going to be interesting to see how he deals with that responsibility. All good players love to be the guy that's counted on. I expect big things from Justin."

Its great that he will be an elite top player of the Spitfires and finally take the reins from Hall and maybe Henrique depending on what he does. Hopefully, the pressure doesn't crunch down on him.

Shugg's size is a factor as he only 5'11 weighing 184 LBS. He is very explosive if you look at video's of him scoring. Shugg is ranked at number 53 in the draft and could be a steal if you get him later in the draft. Shugg has really impressed me this season as he climbed up a steep ladder in Windsor. I think the Devils need help on the wings and I quickly spotted out Shugg. So now what do you think? Have you seen him play before? Do you agree with drafting Shugg or rather go after another player? Please leave what ever you want in the comments below. And if your looking for E.J.'s scouting report, I couldn't find it. But if you do find it please leave it below and I will maybe add it. Thanks for reading. If you want to see Shugg's video's you can go to youtube. I could not have posted the video as I couldn't find where to put it. John didn't want the links too.

(Sorry for the mistakes John, I haven't checked my email in a while and completely forgot about the links. It won't happen again.) 

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