What If We Got Played By Kovy and the Thrashers?

Just for fun.  What if Kovy wanted to get traded so that the Thrashers could stock their shelves, and had every intent of returning to an improved Thrashers team as a free agent?  A more serious question would be, is it crazy to think that Kovy could potentially sign with Atlanta when all is said and done?

A look at what Atlanta has netted by trading Kovalchuk - two top-6 forwards (Bergfors and Byfuglien), a top-4 Dman (Oduya), a 3rd-pairing veteran Dman (Sopel), a checking forward (Eager), a two-way center prospect (Cormier).  Their moves have not only improved them for the future, but improve their current state of affairs tremendously.

Atlanta currently has almost $30 million in cap space with their entire defense corps signed for the upcoming year and 6 forward spots and 2 goalie spots left to fill.  That's an average of $3.75 million per player!  Which means that Kovalchuk could sign a contract for $10 million a year and the Thrashers would STILL have $20 million left to sign 7 players.

If Kovalchuk were to sign with the Thrashers, this is what their lineup could look like:

Kovy - Bryan Little (RFA) - Evander Kane

Byfuglien - Antropov - Bergfors (RFA)

Todd White - Rich Peverley - RW (re-sign Afinogenov?)

Eager (RFA) - Slater - RW (re-sign Colby Armstrong?)


Hainsey - Enstrom

Oduya - D (free agency?)

Sopel - Bogosian


Ondrej Pavelec, veteran goalie (like a Turco? or even Nabokov?)


And as crazy as it sounds, if they could unload Antropov and were willing to spend up to the cap, they could probably make a run at all of the top 3 free agents this year - Kovalchuk AND Marleau AND Martin.  They could use their 30 million in cap space this way - 8-10 for Kovy, 7 for Marleau, 5-6 for Volchenkov/Martin, 4 for Little, 3 for Bergfors, 2 for a goalie, 1 each for Afinogenov, Eager, and Armstrong, and -4 for getting rid of Antropov.


Just's within the realm of possibility.....and you'd have to suddenly consider the Thrashers a definite playoff team with potential to be a contender very soon.

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