Dan Biega prospect breakdown.

Defense is always a big part in championships and the Devils haven't had the same type of defense since their last cup run. The Devils do have some talented defensemen in the minors in Eckford, Gelinas, Taormina, and Fraser if you call him a rookie which seems he isn't at this point. Dan Biega seems like the perfect defenseman for the Devils future tandom as he hits, skates, passes great, and is good all around  for defense.

D- Dan Biega: Harvard University

GP- 30, G- 5, A-8, 45 PIM

Dan Biega started off by playing on Salisbury School team as he was the captain and won the New England Prep Title in the 2008-09 season. He tallied 8 goals, 14 assits, and got the Defenseman of the Year award. He was named to the All New England Division Ice Hockey All-Star Team. He later went on to playing for Harvard University and is going into his sophomore year. Courtesy of

Biega is known as a a great two-way defenseman with a size of 6 feet 200 lbs. His size is definently a strength and will grow even more once he is drafted. This is what had to say about him.

Biega can best be described as a budding two-way defenseman who plays with an edge. At 6’0”/200 lbs, Biega is just under average NHL defender size. But he makes up for it with good foot speed and acceleration. He skates with good edges and transitions well.  Biega has tremendous poise with the puck and makes simple yet smart outlet passes. His excellent vision can be seen in where many of his passes end up.

I just love what they had to say about him and can't wait until what he comes out to be like. He can skate, make good passes, and hits. What more can you want? Oh and he also logged 20-25 minutes a game with Harvard as a freshman last season. Biega did get a suspension for hitting from behind in the ECAC league and missed a game. Biega scored 3 points in one of best moments in his life at the scoring 2 goals and 1 assits and guided his team to a two game sweep. He was later named ECAC Player of the Week. Here is what Ted Donato said about Biega. Courtesy of

“I would say that Danny is underrated as a puck mover. Because he can make that first pass early before he gets in trouble, it sometimes doesn’t look as spectacular,” Donato said.

Thats a great thing to have when your only a freshman on a Harvard team. Hopefully he can make the transition when he someday gets into the NHL level. Here is a quote from Biega himself talking about his physical game. Courtesy of

“I think it’s an important part of the game and it’s just instinctive," he said. "Obviously when you’re out there, every play is a battle that you want to win and be able to come out with the puck. So I’m trying to do whatever I can to get the puck, no matter what. I think being physical is just a part of that.”

I love that he plays the game physical and focus' on getting the puck out of his zone. He's defensive skill has impressed me a lot. Here is another quote from Donato courtesy of

“I think he’s learned to pick his spots and has learned when to be involved offensively,” Donato said. “I also think that he’s gotten better in his own zone in one-on-one plays down low. I think Danny will continue to work on his decision-making and handling the pressure where breakouts are concerned. I think he’ll continue to develop more and more into an offensive factor for us too.”

That's great from Donato had said. He's good on one-on-ones and he will focus on getting better with handling the pressure. Also great. It's just a bonus that he will also work at his offensive skills too. Here is what Biega had to say about himself. Again from

“I think my skating is one of biggest attributes," he said. "I’m a quick skater and use my speed to get back into our zone first. I’d like to think that the faster you can get into the zone to break out the puck, the easier it is for you and the more time that you have. Another good attribute that I think I have is the ability to make the first good pass and get the puck out of our own zone.”

Biega says it the best. That's what I like from defenseman on the Devils. Get the puck out of the zone. What's even better is that he is ranked 46th in Central Scouting’s Final rankings. He is also projected to go in the 2nd round as well.

So what do you think? Does Dan Biega open your eyes on how deep the draft is? Have you seen him play before? Would you draft Biega? In my opinion, if he was available at pick 38 then hell yeah. This kid is going to be a stud in the future. Thanks for reading.

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