Bobby Ryan Idea (First Post as well)

Hey everybody. First post on the site, I have been a loyal follower for a long time now and read literally everything so I figured I would join up and contribute a little.  


Bobby Ryan. He is one heck of a player and I feel a lot of pride that he is from New Jersey. He is a caliber player that has a good amount of versatility and hard work in his game. My idea is to possibly trade with Anaheim for his rights, if possible. Trade Salvador and Zubrus plus our 3rd or 4th around pick for Ryan and their 1st/2nd/3rd/ or 4th round pick (conditionally of course.) If he signs with us than Ryan + 3rd or 4th. If he doesn't then 1st or 2nd based on how far we advance and such. (they also would gain or 3rd or 4th conditionally if he signs with us, if not then no deal on the picks). I believe we win either way. We dump salary no matter what and we gain draft picks. If Bobby signs then we have a great adept player that can assist RW and complete lines. Plus we get a 3rd or 4th rounder. If he doesn't sign then we STILL drop salary and give the youngsters more room to come up or sign someone else. AND we get a 1st or 2nd rounder which is amazing. It is a win- win. Here is why:


Ryan would be amazing with us he can join our 1st or 2nd line as a RW. He can easily do RW duties and make both our top 2 lines complete. Imagine him with Parise and Zajac, or Kovy and Arnott, or Elias and Arnott, or any of them. He is adept at the PP aspect of the game and he throws his body around. He makes up for the loss of Zubrus in points and in his abilities. 


Since the Ducks have lost Neids and Pronger in the past 2 seasons and also lost Wisniewski they need a good Defenseman that can log minutes, hit, won't be afraid to fight, and can block shots. It also helps greatly if he is a veteran. He can fill in for a 3rd/4th Dman. 


Also Zubrus helps the Ducks out a lot in the physical presence of losing Ryan and can put up an okay amount of points. I think he needs to be in a different team to thrive or get back on track. He is good here but could be Great there. He can take 2nd line duties and move Blake up tot he top line. That gives Koivu and Selanne a physical presence and a person that can take over at the boards for them to set up. Or he can fill in 3rd line duties. 


The Ducks have more than enough cap space at over 10m. They can take Zubs and Salvs caps and also drop the hit Ryan would have. Also for us that gives us almost 10m (its like 9.98m) in space for BOTH Kovy and Ryan. If we drop someone else than that is even more money to use towards them. I know it give Ryan not that much but if Kovy gets 6.5, that gives Ryan 3.5 for either a 1 year or if we drop someone sign him long term as well as Kovy, Parise, and Zajac. 


 I know there will be lots of discussion on if it is a good move or if it is impossible. I really don't mind the criticisms but I understand hockey to a high level and am not just some rookie adding an idea. Hopefully a good talk. I am looking for criticism on my post. As well as I am looking for other possibilities for Ryan. If you would like him wearing the Red or against it. The rest lies in your hands Gentlemen and Women. 

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