Feeding the Pessimists

I've put together a few statistical observations about the Devils W-L record and in comparison to the rest of the Eastern Conference. Warning: Extreme depression may result in reading the stuff after the jump.

If the Devils went .500 the rest of the season, 21-21-1, the Islanders could go 18-27 and still finish ahead of the Devils. That .400 winning percentage the Islanders would need, is .005 lower than what they have currently.

If the Devils won every game for the rest of the season and Pittsburgh continued winning at their current .671 pace, the Devils would end up 2 points behind them. Even more depressing, if the Flyers kept their same .679 pace, the Devils would end up 4 points behind them.

If the Devils finish the 2nd half (and I realize they're not technically at the half-way point yet) at the same 17 games under .500 that they are currently (13-30), they would end up with 48 points; 4 points less than they had in 1994-95 in only 48 games.

If Montreal, currently in 8th place, plays .500 hockey for the rest of the season (21-21; .063 worse than their current rate), the Devils would have to be 33-10 to pass them. But this would also require the Hurricanes to be no better than 22-20-1, (.015 worse than their current winning percentage) Florida being at most 24-19-1 (at least teams now have to improve to stay ahead of the Devils at this rate). Everyone else would have to win at least 25 of their remaining 42-45 games to remain ahead of a boiling hot Devil team.

The .767 winning percentage the Devils would need to catch a .500 Canadiens team would be better than any team's winning percentage (for an entire season) since the Red Wings were .799 in '95-96.

The Devils are currently tied for 3rd worst in fewest wins in a 70+ game season. It's heartening to know they can't set THAT record. And they already have more than the fewest (21) points for an entire season.


Just a few points to brighten your day!

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