Is the Integrity of the game in jeopardy?

You hear fans jokingly talk about conspiracy against the Devils or their team and you laugh along with them knowing it's just a joke.  But then you see a game like the game last night against the larger market team, the Flyers, and you can't help but wonder.

Now I am in no way saying the NHL and Bettman are out to get the Devils (even though they are), but I do think there might be something going on to get more fans to watch.  It seems like the NHL is catering more to larger market teams, banking on them to draw in more fans.

Last night's game was a perfect example:  The refs were actually dictating the flow of the game with aweful calls on both sides.  It's like they were trying to keep it close, but giving the flyers the advantage to appeal to their home crowd.  Flyers led the majority of the game, then the Devils got some chances on the Power Play.  There was a penalty was back and forth, lots of excitement.

Now, this whole argument could have been thrown out the window as just another night of bad officiating UNTIL the shootout.  That Briere goal in the shootout was a joke (really an insult to hockey).  There is no doubt in my mind , that the goal should not have counted.  He stopped, he even brought the puck backwards a bit.  That phone call from Toronto was super quick too.   It makes you wonder...

Is the NHL biased towards large market teams? Is the Integrity of the game actually in trouble?  The rules are changing, more emphasis is on higher scoring games.  Hits to the head are being cracked down on after a century of play, why? Cause Crosby is out with a concussion..  and Crosby brings Fans to the NHL.

I'm worried with the direction the NHL is heading..   it just seems to me that the NHL is more worried about bringing in new fans then anything else.   They are ruining changing the game to cater to these people, and are completely forgetting about the hardcore hockey fans that already exist. Something smells fishy in the NHL..

I'm probably way off base, and letting emotion get the best of me right now.. but then again.. maybe not.

Well,  what do you think?

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