An ILWT Weekday Game Meetup

The best thing about this blog, IMHO, is the many fan postsshots and stories about attendance related issues.  Chere and Gulitti tend to not write about this as much as we do and this frustration is what made me find this blog in the first place.  Maybe it's because many fans here do have the Chicken Little "Sky is Falling" mentality when it comes to our team's financial and attendance woes (this blog's favorite metaphor for the rapture).  Others are not as worried.

Matt V. has been an excellent provider of numbers over the past couple years and offers context and analysis.  We've theorized on a myriad of potential solutions as to what we think would improve attendance at the Rock.

Looking at last night's games the Devils has the 3rd worst attendance on a Sat. night.  Phoenix was the lowest and the Devils just edged out the Islanders, no doubt helped by Nordique Nation (who conspicuously decided to come to the Rock instead of going to Long Island . . . I know the Rock is likely an hour closer and the arena is nicer, but still).  To be fair, Nordique Nation are now going to stalwarts like Detroit and Boston, probably representing a shift in strategy, but they chose to come here first.  

I just have a simple suggestion vis-à-vis attendance:  Let's get the members of this blog together for a game on a weekday.  I know many of you go already.  I live an hour plus from the rock now and admittedly, it's more difficult than it was previously.  But why not meet up at the Goal Bar on a Tues. - Thurs. game or one of the other spots before the game and have an ILWT discussion?

There are no Monday night games scheduled.  

There are 4 non-Ranger Tuesday games scheduled (the Devils play the Rangers at home 3 times on Tuesday!  That is a big hand from Bettman there for those of you who say he hates the Devils).

There are 3 Wed. games remaining, two of them are over holidays (Wed. before Thanksgiving, Wed. over Christmas break).

There are 7 Thursday games.

Many other SB Nation blogs have meet ups, Broad Street Hockey has street hockey games as does Japer's Rink. Would it be so impossible (or worthwhile) for us to vote on a weekday game, where we get together, try to show our numbers and talk hockey?

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