Will the Day Ever Come.....

...when its 90% Red&Black in the stands when the Rangers or Flyers come to town? Honestly, I doubt it. But I've dreamed a dream, and its just that.

On some level the atmosphere is fun, if you like constantly screaming at people for 3 hours. Is their another arena in the NHL that is filled to capacity, but 50% root for the opposing team? Is it like that in Ottawa when the Leafs or Habs come to town? I hope so. It would make me feel better.

What bothers me the most is how obnoxious Ranger and Flyer fans are. They come into our house, and act like they are home. If they were respectful, maybe I could tolerate it. But they are not. They are jerks. And when someone is a jerk in my house, I'm a bigger jerk right back at them. I hope some of you are ready to back me up when I get in the face of the wrong drunken group of idiots after a game like last night.

For example, Last night there was a group of idiot Rag fans in the open area between 108 and 107 yelling at every Devil fan that walked by after the game. I saw them from 209, where I was still sulking after the game. I ran over to 208 and started screaming at them to "shut the **** up," then I walked down there and told them to their face. Ironically, one of them was a guy I went to HS with that I haven't seen since then. I refuse to stand by and let things like that happen. I don't want anyone telling me I should have just ignored them either. THIS IS OUR HOUSE.

Anyway, I don't want to have to be "that guy." Typical games, all I ever say to anyone is, "hey man, nice jersey." I was even nice to the couple of Stars fans that showed up for Niedermayer night.

"Hey man, cool Mooterus."

I realize this has been an issue since 1982. But it amazes me that it hasn't gotten any better.

Why can't the same people who show up to Retirement Ceremonies, show up against our biggest rivals?

Why would someone buy season tix, and sell their tickets to the best games?

I bought season tickets FOR the Rangers and Flyers games. I already went to every game anyway.....and I was sick of having to pay $65-$100 to go to the rivalry games. So maybe you would claim that is exactly why people sell those tix.

Well, they would save even more money by not buying season tickets at all.

If you sell your tickets to Rangers or Flyers fans, you ARE NOT A DEVILS FAN.

Here's hoping that the day we can fill our own arena comes someday soon.

Merry Christmas.....LETS GO DEVILS!

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