At the AHL Star Game

I saw that the AHL all star game was coming my way, in Hershey PA, spent about twenty bucks on the ticket and really enjoyed the show.

I'm sure most of you missed action this weekend during the AHL all star game, probably were watching the nhl all star festivities, so I'll give you an update on some of the young guns.  

First off lets get to the Devils news that everybody cares about.  Matt Anderson, the Albany Devil's lone representative, got a real nice breakaway goal in the second period. I'm pretty sure I was the only one really going nuts at the time, considering the final score ended at 11 to 8 in favor of the Eastern Conference, and I'm pretty sure I got some wierd looks, but it was a beauty.  I would have liked to have seen a couple younger guys represent the Albany Devils too, but Matt Anderson represented the system well.

But Anderson wasn't the Devil's only representative... believe it or not Doc Emerick, long time devils announcer, came to chocolate town and called the game.  This finally proves the age old question of "does Doc call every hockey game?"  My friend owes me five bucks.

The MVP of the game was Ottawa Senators prospect Bobby Butler, who threw one goal in net and earned three assists along the way.  Rhett Rakhshani of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers also had a goal and an assist, but I guess Bobby Butler was an easier name to pronounce.  In a game stacked with goals, goaltender John Curry stood out from the crowd, only letting in about 3, and saving half a dozen easy lamp lighters

The skills competition held on Sunday was a bit lackluster, though it had moments of great action.

The best move during the whole day came from Linus Klasen from the Milwaukee team, during the shootout portion. Flying towards the goal he quickly executed a full spin right before the net, adjusted the puck and flicked one best the goal tenders shoulder.

The winner of the hardest shot was hometown player Brian Fahey, he clocked in at a respectable 96.9, though comparatively it was no match for Chara's beastly effort in the NHL skills challenge, 105.9 mph

The fastest skater was Manchester Monarchs defensemen Viatcheslav Voynove.

The best part of both days however, and I can't believe I'm saying this, was the mascots.  There were at least twenty team mascots, Devils wasn't there, running around packing the stands, fighting each other, and viaing for everyones attention.  It was controlled chaos but severely entertaining, especially at the end of the first intermission of the game when they had a mascot hockey game.

If the AHL all star game ever comes to your neck of the woods I'd highly recommend checking it out.  The ticket price is cheap, you'll see future nhl superstars (zach parise played in it) and the whole show was immensely entertaining.

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