Does Arnott get traded and if so, to whom?

The funny thing that's happened during the Devils' winning streak is that the Arnott rumors have died down somewhat.   John, Tom, David did mention it briefly toward the end of their Talking Red podcast Episode 20 where they emphasized that the Devils should indeed be sellers at the deadline.   A Twitter search for "Arnott" & "trade" only yielded a tweet from last week by Hockey Insider NHL Sources Say that Arnott was being scouted by the Penguins.   A google search turned up this NY Post Everson article from three weeks ago talking about re-thinking the Arnott situation.   Finally, user David Fine had an excellent fan post asking this question and more with a poll where ILWT users voted to be modest deadline sellers at a 67% rate (though the author voted to keep things status quo).  

It's been a week since that Fan Post & the Devils have not lost since then.  So the focus on Arnott, and what you would do if you were Lou now gets more difficult.

If we look at the reaming 6 games before now and the trade deadline on Monday February 28th at 3pm EST . . . 

Question #1 How many of those games do the Devils have to win for them to keep Arnott?  All?  5?  Is he gone regardless?







Not an easy schedule, the at Carolina game is back-to-back, but it's nice the Flyers will be there the day before hopefully beating up on the Canes.

Question #2 - If he's a goner, who do we trade him do?  Guess the team.

Pittsburgh needs a center after Malkin's injury, but the only way I would do an intra-division trade would be the get a conditional first round pick if Pittsburgh makes it past Round 2.  If not, I'll take a 2.

More likely west candidates with some cap space, IMHO would be LA Kings, Anaheim, & Phoenix.  I don't remember if Arnott left Dallas in a good way or bad and as someone here (I think Tom) pointed out, Nashville doesn't likely need Arnott after getting Carrie Underwood's husband.

So to sum it up, what's your win-to-lose-to-charitypoints ratio for Arnott to stay?

Where does he go?

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