A Look At This Season's Rookies and Youngsters

Let's take a look at these rookies and younger players contribution to the team and see whether they are helping or hurting the Devils. By doing that, I'll also compare them to the team's veterans to see where our scoring power comes from: young or old.

Here's the breakdown of the 6 active rookies/youngsters at the moment.

Nick Palmieri - Right Wing:

GP: 11
G: 4
A: 1
P: 5
+/-: 2
S: 22
S%:` 18.2

Palmieri shows all signs of a good player. All of his stats are good, through and through. Sure, he plays on a great line, but it's good to know he can put some in the back of the net when he has to.


Mattias Tedenby - Right Wing:

GP: 27
G: 5
A: 6
P:  11
+/-: -2
S: 54
S%: 9.3

Tedenby has great stick handling, great energy, and always holds on to the puck. He puts up decent numbers and his presence on the ice is always very visible. Overall, he shows great talent for a rookie. After all, he was drafted 24th overall.

Alexander Vasyunov - Left Wing:

GP: 18
G: 1
A: 4
P:  5
+/-: 0
S: 18
S%: 5.6

Nothing much to say about Vasyunov. He's just your average rookie.

Vladimir Zharkov - Right Wing:

GP: 12
G: 1
A: 1
P:  2
+/-: 3
S: 13
S%: 7.1

His second season (or part of the season) playing on the Devils, Zharkov is a youngster. He puts up okay numbers. But if you can say anything about this guy it's that he's definitely seen on the ice. He's one of the hardest workers on the team and he was recently rewarded with his first NHL goal against the New York Islands on January 17th.

Mathew Corrente - Defenseman: *Injured

GP: 22
G: 0
A: 6
P:  6
+/-: -5
S: 21
S%: 0

His second season with the Devils, Corrente is another youngster on the team. His +/- is not too nice to look at, but he's put in some assists.

Mark Fayne - Defenseman:

GP: 25
G: 2
A: 3
P: 5
+/-: -2
S: 24
S%: 8.3

He put's in his work, that's all you can really say.

These are this season's ex-rookies, meaning those who got called up for a bit and got sent down just as quickly (their contributions won't be factored in later because they were sent back down for a reason).

Jacob Josefson - Center:

GP: 6
G: 0
A: 0
P: 0
+/-: -2
S: 8
S%: 0

I am not adding Alexander Urbom because, although he was called up again recently, he hasn't played since November 5th (when the Devils weren't too great), put up no goals or assists in seven games with 3 shots total, and had an acceptable +/- of -3. Also, some other arguable players that I am not including are Rod Pelley and Tim Sestito, Gionta, Eckford, Magnan, Mills.  By all means, let me know if you believe that I am wrong in not counting someone.


The following is a comparison of the rookies/youngsters to the rest of the team.


1. "the rest of the team" does not include the players mentioned above that I did not count. All of their stats have been waved.

2. Also, it might be more correct to factor in only forwards, but for the sake of simplicity and generality, defensemen will also be factored in. I think that it would be too extensive to compare only forwards, but that can be done too. Besides, defensemen have their fair share of assists.

3. Injured players (i.e. Parise) DO count.

So here is the snapshot: (sorry for the size, I can't do anything about it)


As you can see, the rookies/youngsters have a constant percent of contributions to the team in the 13 percents, with some stats in the 10s and 14s. However, we all know that rookies/youngsters play less games than the more seasoned players. So I have figured out a way to balance it out. The following table weighs the contribution of the group by dividing the PERCENT of the statistic (i.e. 13.5% goals) by the PERCENT of games played by that group. This creates a number, or rather, a "contribution score" for the group. So here is a table of each group's contribution scores in the major categories.



As you can see, the rookies/youngsters have very similar contribution scores as compared to the rest of the team. Sure, it is generally seen that the older players on the Devils contribute more, but not by an extreme amount. This also shows that the rookies have a higher scoring percentage than the older players. Of course, the rookies and younger players seem to not take as many shots as the older members, which could contribute to their lower goal numbers.



The rookies and younger players on the Devils are only slightly worse off than the older players. Of course, you have to remember that we're looking at a last place team.


I hope that you enjoyed this little experiment and be sure to let me know if you think anything should be changed. 

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