Scott Burnside's making more enemies

If you're wondering why this isn't a fanshot, it's because i've got a bit more to say on this topic.

I was going through some the SBNation blogs today looking for a good read. One of those blogs was Nucks Misconduct, SBNation's Vancouver Canucks blog, where i found a fanshot to this article. (It's a few days old though)

Scott Burnside, who we all hate because of his irrational hatred of the Devils and his love of Sidney Crosby decided to make some comments about the Pacioretty hit in his debate column with Pierre LeBrun. As always, LeBrun delivered his thoughts calm, collectively and rationally. However, Burnside didn't exactly have the same demeanor. Instead, he decided to take some shots at Canada. In his second thought, Burnside decided to take things abit too far. The money quote:

In many ways, it merely reinforces the notion that Canada is a small, backwards little country with an unnatural affection for a game

Excuse me? Backwards?

Obviously, the comments on the fanshot were not very pleasant- he's trashed the Canucks before, and seeing as he took it to another level by trashing their country, they were mad (i'm not linking due to the sheer amount of profanity (myself included) in the comments of that fanshot). Even LeBrun told him to chill out.

As a Canadian, i'm mad. I'd like to know how exactly Canada's a backwards nation. Basing assumptions on one fanbase acting out over something doesn't mean everyone's like them. Not everyone in Canada is a fan of the Habs. Not every Canadian fan's going to go call the police.

While Burnside's statements about Canada don't affect most of you (because you're not Canadian), i'm not at all pleased with his comments. Insulting my team is one thing, insulting my country is another thing. I'm not at all pleased Burnside. And neither are the millions of hockey fans in Canada. So if you want to see Burnside eat a piece of humble pie, it might be happening soon.

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