If You Have Seen a Virus Warning at ILWT, Read This

While I don't know of anyone here who has been affected by this, other readers on other SB Nation blogs have seen a virus warning while on this site. Usually, it comes in the form of a pop-up prompt. If you have seen something like this, do not accept or cancel. This is an attempt to put scamware/malware on your system.   This has tended to happen to those using Internet Explorer more so than other browsers and it's apparently across the network.

If you come across this prompt, please do the following: Take a screen shot of the prompt in your browser (use print screen, copy it into a paint program like Paint, and save the image).  Then close your browser without clicking on the prompt.  After that, please e-mail the screen shot and anything else abnormal to SB Nation Support (support AT  In your email, please also answer to the following questions:

- What browser/OS are you using?
- What site were you on?
- What page were you on?
- When day did you first see this?
- How many times have you seen it since?
- Has it happened on any other sites? Which ones?
- Did you click on anything after it redirected you to the virus scan screen?

The support staff may respond to do a "screen share" session with you if this has happened to you; in your email let them know a time when you would be available to have such a session with them. This is a network-wide issue so they want to get as much information as possible. 

On top of that, if you fear that you may be infected or you want to make sure you're not, update and run a legitimate anti-virus program (e.g. Norton, AVG) as well as an anti-malware program (e.g. Ad-Aware).

Lastly: I and the other writers on In Lou We Trust. do not have any control over the site's ad content and other technical matters. All user-submitted tech support issues should be submitted to the SB Nation support team (support AT in an effort to contain and hopefully solve the issue.  While I haven't received any messages of this happening to any ILWT users, you should know what to do in case this does happens.  Thank you for your time in reading this, and I sincerely apologize if this has happened to you by visiting In Lou We Trust.

Given the nature of this issue, comments are closed for this post - if you have this issue, you should be emailing support anyway.

All FanPosts and FanShots are the respective work of the author and not representative of the writers or other users of In Lou We Trust.

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