Predictions: Re-visited....from last September...

Wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of the season, I made my predictions as to how the regular season will pan out, and I must say, I've got some right and some terribly wrong...

I've invented an arbitrary scoring system to compare East and West with my predictions

I've given myself +3 if i got the playoffs (made/didn't) correct or not, +3 if I've got the place correct.

If they have/haven't made the playoffs and I was wrong I get -3 and then -1 for each position I was wrong... (It's nice to have a day off work to do this....)

 (6)   1.Washington  - Washington - Got it right with a late surge and an easy schedule
 (1)   2.Pittsburgh - Philadelphia - Only a Tie Breaker separated these two, didnt see the injuries coming
 (0)   3.Montreal - Boston - Better Goaltending and more offence than Les Habs
 (-10)4.New Jersey - Pittsburgh - Well who'd of thought this season would end up like this
 (1)    5.Boston - Tampa Bay - Slight surprise they finished so high, might shock Pittsburgh
 (-1)   6.Philadelphia - Montreál - 2nd in NE, Price will need to be huge come playoffs.
 (-9)   7.Ottawa - Buffalo - Ottawa completely tanked, Buffalo a surprise package.
 (0)   8.Tampa Bay - New York Rangers - As sickening as it is, well, go Caps.
 (0)   9.Atlanta - Carolina - Carolina take a small step backwards
(-6)  10.Buffalo - Toronto - Leafs Improving but will need to dig deep in pockets to help Kessel
(1)   11.Carolina - New Jersey - NJ had too big a mountain to climb, however valiant
(-7) 12.NY Rangers - Atlanta - Atlanta regress slightly, but still have some promise
(0) 13.Toronto - Ottawa - Well, A rebuild need for the Sens, lets be honest
(2)  14.Florida - Ny Islanders - Vokoun may need out.... (NJ place of interest to him soon???)
(2)  15.NY Islanders - Florida - Isles made a good attempt and have a team for the future

Total: A dismal, -20... NJ, Ottawa, and the Rags spoil it.

(6)  1.Vancouver - Vancouver - As expected, over-powering (only for the regular season...)
(6)  2.San Jose - San Jose - Better geared for post season looking good
(-2) 3.Chicago - Detroit - Hawks fall by the wayside but scrape in...
(2)  4.Detroit - Anaheim - Detroit strongest in Central, always solid
(-8) 5.Calgary - Nashville - Calgary: The home of tanking. When will it ever come together?
(2)  6.Los Angeles - Pheonix - LA look ok, despite injuries, finish as expected
(-7) 7.St. Louis - Los Angeles - Blues building, but may be a few seasons off berth
(1)  8.Pheonix - Chicago - Yotes Impressive this year, building on last year...
(-2)  9.Colorado - Dallas - Av's regress need to help Duchene
(-8) 10.Nashville - Calgary - Preds stronger than i expected
(-10)11.Anaheim - St. Louis - Perry and Getzlaf impressive
(2)  12.Columbus - Minnesota - As expected, in the doldrums.
(2)  13.Minnesota - Columbus - See (above).
(-2) 14.Dallas - Colorado - Dallas just miss out (Looks like Langenbrunner is a poison)
(6)  15.Edmonton - Edmonton - Worst Jerseys, worst record. Rehaul needed top to bottom.

Only a - 12 on this side, Calgary, Nashville and Anaheim proving me wrong....

Ok, so my predictions for the playoffs are....

Caps bt Rags

Buffalo bt Philly          Caps bt Buffalo

Boston bt Montreal    Tampa bt Boston            Caps bt Tampa

Tampa bt Pitt

-------------------------------------------                             FINAL: Caps bt San Jose

Chicago bt Van

San Jose bt Kings     San Jose bt Chicago      San Jose bt Detroit

Detroit bt Pheonix      Detroit bt Nashville

Nashville bt Anaheim

Let's see mid-june....

Otherwise...Go Devils!

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