Share Your "Why I Hate Sean Avery" Stories

During this relatively slow moving offseason for the New Jersey Devils, I thought it would be fun to bother Sean Avery and Ranger "fans" by telling stories of why we hate Sean Avery. Even if you don't have a story as elaborate as mine (bare with me for a second and continue reading past the setup of the situation, it gets good), please comment below on why you hate Sean Avery. Some of you may be saying, "stop using the word hate, you do not really hate him". However, in my case I can safely say I have an intense and passionate dislike for Avery (this is the definition of hate from

Here is my story, which took place during the 2008 playoffs, 1st round, Game 3, Devils vs. Rangers - All Devils and Ranger fans know remember this game because Avery was "faceguarding" Brodeur. Here is a youtube clip for those who do not remember ( While this alone would be enough to stir hate within a Devils' fans blood, I actually grew to truly hate Sean Avery for another reason during this game. I happened to get tickets last minute and was sitting with my father in section 80 in the Garden, right along the railing where the Rangers walk out and right behind the Devils bench. Thus, doing what any passionate fan would do to try to affect the mental mindset of the Rangers, I made it a point to yell "You Suck (Insert Name Here)" to each Ranger player. I did not take the "obscenties" any farther than that because I was 15 years old at the time and thought I was really sticking it to them by merely yelling "you suck". By the beginning of the 3rd period, Avery decided he had enough with me (Avery's faceguarding happened during the 2nd period). At that point the Devils held a 1 goal lead and I started yelling at Lundqvist a lot more. Avery took exception to a 15 year old's yells and, after he and his teammates were at the bench, actually turned around (he was about 8 ft. away from me) and started yelling at my father and I, telling my father that I was a "Fu***** Jerk" over and over again. I was surprised and extremely upset by his yelling because I hadn't really crossed the line by telling a hockey player he "sucks" (they here much worse on the ice and should know better than to let a 15 yr. old distract them) and Avery had taken my commentary to a new level of obscenities reserved for those who truly have no class.

It turned out the Devils won that game, the only time they won in that miserable series, on a John Madden overtime goal. As Avery walked out, I just stared at him, smiled and told him he was a loser. 

I found out later through various youtube clips that Avery does this type of yelling to a lot of fans, but not to the level I experienced - check this out.

From the first two clips, it is pretty obvious Avery has a "teeth fetish".

Here are some other clips that show why Avery sucks. 

My personal favorites:

This one may be the worst:

To avoid posting every single possible clip of Why One Could Hate Sean Avery, go ahead and post your own clips or tell your own stories. Let's make every Ranger "fan" angry!

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