So who's on our wishlist?


So, as we all know, we've accomplished mostly all of our obvious Offseason needs. Per Capgeek, we have $5,870,833  left to spend, which barring a trade, I assume will be left open until next offseason. Of course we need to resign Parise, but we're all thinking that an extension will be offered mid season. That brings me to the question, what's next for next year? Who will we have on our Free Agent Wishlist?

According to Capgeek, we will have $25,850,000 to spend in cap space next offseason. We have to keep in mind resigning players that we already have, and those we will offer extensions to in the future.

In the following, I'll be analyzing a few of the free agents from other teams, particullarly younger players, unde 30 years old, as the team has looked to get younger recently. I know that it complicates matters, as younger free agents tend to get their biggest deals around this time. 

Immediately, a few names come to mind. Shea Weber for one, but as it is, he'll still be a RFA next year. Following him, there are a few names that stick out.Per CapGeek, here are next year's UFAs: here

First off, forwards.

Alexander Semin's contract is up. He has been a good scorer for Washington, but as there have been trade rumors, he might be going somewhere else, but barring an extension, could he be an option for us to improve the offense? His production has fallen off a bit over the years, but that could just have been due to changes in the lines. He is still a viable forward. In 65 games last year, he had 26 assists and 28 goals. Quite a good player.

Next is Ryan Smythe.  He'll be over 35 by the next time he signs a contract, so I wouldn't think we would really pursue him. His production has really fallen off over the last few years, and keeping in mind his demands for a trade back to Edmonton, l I'm not too eager about his prospects.

Ales Hemsky. Previously there was a fanpost about Hensky. I know in it they mentioned that it has seemed he is made of glass. That might be so, but does anybody see us taking a chance on him via free agency or trade. The fanpost emphasized that we need more depth at right wing, and he could provide that. In 47 games last year, he posted 28 assists, and half as many goals. Very productive...


The first that I would pursue is Ryan Suter. He's a good solid defense man. He doesn't score too much, but he's literally an assist machine! He's had 30+ assist over the last three years, and 130 assists in the last four years. I would look for those numbers to continue to be put up, and for us to pursue him.He also plays with Weber in Nashville, and would be a way to attract Weber here to the Garden state.

Dennis Wideman. Building on from what I said about Suter, Wideman is also a good play maker. In Florida and Washington last year, he had 10 goals and 30 assists. Honestly I don't know too about him, but he really seems like a good defense man. 

 John-Michael Liles. When I first saw his name, I said who? I wasn't too familiar with hiim, but after looking at his stats, he keeps up the name of "assist machine". Last year he had 40, and throughout his 7 year career, has never been below 20 assist in a season. Amazing.

As another option, do any of you think there is any chance of an Oduya homecoming/return. I would like your thoughts on that.


Marty of course is on this list as an UFA. Most likely he comes back to play while we further develop our goaltending prospects.

Edit add:

Pikka Rinne. I originally didn't include him, but since many people are mentioning that they would like himi on the team, I felt obliged to add him. I still don't think that we would pursue him though, as from what I stated above. He is coming off several good years in Nashville. He has a low salary cap hit for a goaltender of his caliber currently, and if we were to sign him, I'm sure that it would cost quite a bit in cap space, leading me again to say that I think we would be better off with homegrown goaltenders that we have now.


I would like to hear any of your comments on this, but remember, it is mostly speculation. Is there anybody else you would add to this very short list? Anybody you wouldn't add or take off of it? Anybody that we all should eye through trade? Thanks for reading.

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