Patrik Elias deserves a full arena on January 17

Patrik is undenialbly one of the best players to ever put on the NJ sweater and easily our best forward in team history.

Not only on the ice but he represents the organization and carries himself with class and dignity and has done so since the 1995-1996 season. He's been a loyal soldier and turned down more money from other teams to stay in New Jersey. His #26 will be hanging in The Rock's rafters soon after he decides to retire from the game.

It's doubtful we win the Cup in both 2000 and 2003 without him and he has been the pulse of the team, along with Marty, in the last decade.

With that said, I feel us, as fans need to pack The Rock on Tuesday January 17, which is our next home game.
The Devils will honor Patrik's 1,000 NHL games played as a Devil prior to the January 17 contest. Most likely a brief ceremony similar to what the Devils did for Zubrus earlier this season.

It would break my heart to see a lot of empty seats prior to the game that night as I feel Patrik deserves a large crowd and most seats filled by Devils fans chanting his name and giving him a thunderous "thank you" ovation.

Typically a Tuesday night game vs a non-rival such as Winnipeg equates into a crowd of about 12-13k.
I am asking you, the diehard Devils fan and internet savy people to spread the word to other Devils fans that you know and on other Devils blogs and forums, to get a ticket to this game-even if you have not planned on it.

It would not only mean alot to Patrik Elias but to our other younger players to see the pride and passion of the Devils family and fanbase.

The good news is this game is classified as a "30th Anniversary Special Game", which has the cheapest pricing of the Tiered Pricing compared to Premier and Classic games.

The 4 corner sections, which are available via Ticketmaster or the Box Office right now are only $20, the rest of the upper level is a manageable $30. Some lower level seats have a box office price of $55, not too bad to see a NHL game and on a special night for an all time great Devil.

Or, search the secondary market (StubHub, Seatgeek, eBay, etc) and look for deals, they can be had.

In case you were not aware, you can go to this link and see what seats are available at the box office or on Ticketmaster and their pricing.

There are still many tickets left unsold.
We have 9 full days to help fill up The Rock to not only cheer on our Devils in an important game but also to honor an all time great Devil the right way.

Thanks everyone.

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