Albany Devils: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Six games into the season and the Albany Devils seem to be on an upswing, even though their record may not exactly reflect it. Here's how I see it.

The Good:

Keith Kinkaid, has made some really nice saves to date. He recently made a very Brodeur-esk move with an over-the-head kick save, while on his back. This early in, he looks like the real deal. With poise beyond his years, Kinkaid remains focused even in a non-winning effort. If Kinkaid can maintain this for the entire season he should get a very serious look next season with the big club.

Adam Larsson, is not wasting his time in the AHL. Of late Albany has him leading the power play rush with pretty good effect, through neutral ice, and dishing off effectively at the blue line. To my surprise and perhaps his, Larsson recently threw an open ice check knocking the opponent to the ice. Damn. I also observed Larsson getting completely turned around right in front of his goal. So there are still a few things he can learn in the ole AHL.

Jacob Josefson, seems to be living up to his billing as a real offensive threat, even when short handed. Josefson seems to be skating with real confidence. Let's hope he doesn't get hurt.

Brandon Burlon continues to impress. Not for spectacular play, rather because he is pretty consistent. Burlon looks like an impact player in the AHL but would have to have a really great season to be consider legit NHL material.

Phil De Simone is the surprise of the season. Obtained from the Hamilton Bull Dogs, last year in 76 games he had 14 goals and 19 assists. So far he only has one goal, yet on each shift De Simone appears to be everywhere, shooting, checking, just plan hustling. I think he will be a game changer in short order.

The Bad:

Adam Henrique, I know he is on the roster but he doesn't seem to be showing up for the games. At least not the Adam Henrique who was almost the NHL Rookie Of The Year last season. Was last year a mirage, I wouldn't think so. Will the real Adam Henrique please stand up?

Matias Tedenby, is not exactly doing bad. Yes, he can still out skate most of the competition down here, yet Tedenby doesn't look any more ready for a top six role in the NHL than last year.

The Ugly:

Captain Jay Leach, has taken a fist full of dumb penalties thus far this season. Many of them are for Interference which in my mind means he is just too slow. It is hard to win games when you are frequently a man down. Hopefully his play (and leadership) will greatly improve - soon

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