Devils Over/Under

All this lockout stuff has been depressing to say the least. Time for a change. If you have ever watched PTI on EPSN then you probably have seen the Over/Under segment. Rules are simple given a situation state and explain if you think more or less of it will happen. NO PUSH. NO TIES.

1. Martin Brodeur 699 career wins.

Brodeur currently has 656, needing 44 more wins to reach 700. The past two years he has averaged 27 wins while starting playing about 70% of the games. IF there is at least a 48 games schedule this year he might be expected to play 34 games and get 17 wins. Combined with a 2013-2014 season projected 27 wins would put him at exactly 44 needed. Those are some big IFs assuming the lockout actually ends, he can stay healthy and finishes out his current contract. Does he get it?

2. Martin Brodeur 1,283 regular season games played as a Devil.

Mr. Devil Ken Daneyko is the current leader with 1,283 games played with the Devils. Marty is at 1,191 and would need 92 more games to tie the record. As stated above a shortened season could give him 34 games combined with a possible 2013-2014 season of 57 games gives him 91 games. Very close and again a lot of IFs he can do it.

3. Patrick Elias 999 career points.

Elias currently has 894, needing 106 to reach 1,000. He will be 37 in April and after last year seems to have a few good years left. Does the current all-time leader for Devils in points get to 1,000?

4. Four "key" UFA Devils resigned.

Elias, Zajac, Zubrus, Clarkson and Zidlicky are all UFAs in the future regardless of this lockout nonsense. (Sorry, I don't consider Janssen or Harrold "key"). For me the obvious player to not be resigned is Zidlicky, but if he goes, who else goes? Or do all get resigned.

5. Jeff Vanderbeek 3 more seasons as owner of the Devils.

Much as been made of the Devils ownership situation with still many unknowns. It was reported that Vanderbeek was able to make a 2 year extension. Is he able to stabilize the Devils after two years or will there be new ownership in a few years?

6. Four prospects on the Devils roster in five years.

Recently the ILWT writers had a top 25 under 25 ranking. How many of the top 8 (Adam Henrique, Adam Larsson, Jacob Josefson, Jon Merrill , Alexander Urbom, Mattias Tedenby, Eric Gelinas, Scott Wedgewood) will be on the team in five years? Some will be traded and some won't reach their potential. Who do you have being on the team in fiver years?

7. Illya Kovalchuk five years of 80+ point seasons as a Devil in the future.

The Devils will be paying Kovy at least 10 million (cba pending) over the next six seasons. Will he continue to produce? The last six years have seen Kovy's point totals as follows: 83, 60, 85, 91, 87, 76. How many more years of 80+ points does he have?

8. Three seasons with Pete Deboer behind the bench.

He already has one season behind the bench, but given the Devils history with coaches anything can happen. Does Pete become the first Devils coach in nearly two decades to last more than three seasons?

If you have any of your own feel share and debate.

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