Marketing idea for playoffs: #HERE

The 2012 playoffs may be the most pivotal time since the Devils moved to Newark. The captain is going to be the class of the free agent market and no one knows what Marty will do. Combine that with the team's financial problems and an angry mayor and I would think from ownership & the GM's point-of-view this post season is bigger than any since the strike.

I've been toying with making a youtube video for the playoffs and posting it to with the hopes twitter would make it go viral and maybe create a fan playoff mood for the Devils. Yeah, high hopes, but people could get Devils marketing to embrace it, I think it would be a helluva plan. All in all, I don't really know if I'll have the time, but wanted to at least write the idea down.

The simple mantra of the 2012 playoffs is: HERE

The goal would be to get fans to bring signs to games en masse with the main slogan being: HERE.

Why the one simple word "HERE?"

The Devils have never won a playoff series since moving to the Rock. We want one HERE.

We want to remind Zach Parise where he belongs. And it's HERE

We want the Cup . . . I think you get where I'm going now.

How viral a youtube video could go is very dependent on, the Devils PR, the Generals and people on this site tweeting all over the place.

Maybe it could be a distraction, maybe. But it would also represent some creativity from the fan base. If fans started chanting, HERE, HERE (or some other unique related chant) the announcers would have to identify it and then figure out the meaning. It would get to the press and likely find it's way to the team.

Don't know if this is something that can be done in a first round without a sold out house. But, if we're up 2 - 0 upon coming home, I don't see why not.

Whatever happens, I think it is not much to ask for ILWT users to try and hit up the Generals and make this happen. All in all, I've been really hoping for a grassroots movement from the fans for a while now. That's what the Generals are supposed to do. But, wonder if we have desire or will to rally around something like this.

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