Not Jinxing the Team

A quick google search will tell you a lot about jinxes, but how can we not do it to our team? The Devils have battled hard all year for us, sometimes in a futile manner (read any anytime Cam Janssen or Eric Boulton were in the lineup), yet now they are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Hockey I s a team sport and the fans are no exception. Some fans may not be very superstitious, but I for one am. I haven't shave since April 12th. This is part of the playoff beard a great deal of fans grow. So, to get on with the point, how can you as a fan not Jinx your team? Read on for details.

Step 1: Playoff Beard. First off, if you have been shaving at this point, don't stop now. Do NOT try and jump on the bandwagon or the Devils failure will be your fault and yours alone. Don't Do it. The same can be said for those growing one. I personally have an interview for a new job this week. I will not shave for it. If questions about it are asked I will explain I normally am clean shaven and only grow it out for the NHL playoffs and don't shave it until my team loses no matter how patchy, thin, and pathetic it may be. Employers may find this endearing. If not....whatever, a Stanley Cup lives forever regardless of how homeless I am. On the other side of the spectrum, if you have been shaving, assume that your beard is bad luck and shaving it has helped kept us along our paths of awesomeness,

Step 2: I work nights, I don't get to watch may games live, when I do have a night off, I don't watch it live. I DVR that game and wait till it's over. Media black out every night. If you watch the games live, don't stop, vice versa. Do NOT change your routine no matter what. Game 9 stanley cup for whatever reason (you read right), you don't watch live if you haven't yet. If you change that routine and we lose, it's your fault. Also, You suck for doing it. Are you some sort of Rangers fan whose stadium is regularly filly with suits from out of town? Don't Change your routine,

Step 3: On that note, if you live in the area, go the damn game! I am an out of market fan (Omaha, NE) and if I could be at the Rock making noise I would. If I could go to MSG and fight some Rag's fans to disrupt the game I would, whatever it takes for a cup. My freedom is temporary, cups are forever. Do not sell your tickets, work triple shifts to buy road tix and take a train to Manhattan and help us steal a win away on the road. It will be worth it and we will petition to have your name put on the cup (probably).

Step 4: I wear my Kovalchuk jersey every game. It has not been washed in 6 months. This is not a standard laundering routine for me. Stick to whatever works for you, I don't care if it is a dress or a Tutu. What you wear every game should not change. It really does make a difference,

Step 5: I only smoke cigarettes between the 2nd and 3rd period. That is my particular routine when I watch. Do NOT, mix up yours if you smoke. If you take a break between every period continue to do so. I don't care if you're on a date with Brooklyn Decker, if you normally smoke between periods, continue to do so. The needs of the may outweigh those of the few. We need a cup. Also, the Rags suck. Their Fans Really do. Let's show them they aren't and committed as us.

Step 5: Whatever is working at this point, is what will continue to work, so don't change what is working,. I promise no matter how eclectic your routine is, there is a constant. Please follow it and don't Jinx the team! If you have further suggestions name them below!

Go Devils!

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