New Jersey Devils at Los Angeles Kings - Gamethread #24

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The Time: 8:00 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV - NBC, CBC, RDS; Radio - 660 AM WFAN

The Series: The New Jersey Devils (2) vs the Los Angeles Kings (3)

The Previews: Matt E. did the preview for tonight's game, please check it out if you haven't. For the opposition's perspective, please visit Jewels from the Crown.

The Pre-Game Video: Here's the awesome pre-game video the Devils have been using before playoff games at the Rock. Watch it before tonight's game to get that feeling everyone felt at the Rock prior to every home game in this playoff run.

The Songs for Tonight: Ronnie James Dio is a legend and he is sorely missed. Among his many claims to fame, he was the original singer of Rainbow. Here's one of his songs from Long Live Rock 'N Roll: "Kill the King."

And, yes, I was bumping "Meddler" by August Burns Red earlier today.

Gameday Info: No lineup changes are expected for each team tonight. The Kings personnel are planning to be a bit petty to the Devils based on this LA Times story. I don't see how getting stats late will hurt them. Surely, someone at the game will have an Internet connection and can get the stats easily from Whatever. Thanks to Dean for emailing about this.

The Reminder to Be Excellent to Each Other: I know quite a few people are going to be a bit on edge for this game myself included. Feelings and emotions will be running high. Still, remember that I and the other users commenting aren't the ones playing this game. There's no need to get salty among ourselves or against any trolls from other places. Seriously, don't feed any trolls of any kind, don't get mad that people are/aren't being negative/positive, and don't troll Jewels From the Crown. Punishment there can/will be brought over here.

Additionally, please don't post any .GIFs and large images in this Gamethread. That will help keep this post going smoothly for everyone, either on a computer or a mobile device. It's another way of being excellent.

Please use the comments in this post to discuss tonight's game before, during, and after it happens until the recap is up. Please remember the rules at all times. Namely: keep your comments clean, keep them on topic, and keep them legal (For example: nothing is allowed about illegal streams - no links, no discussion, no requests). I will provide commentary here and on Twitter with @InLouWeTrust during the game.

For the last road game of the season and hopefully for not the last time this season: Let's go, Devils!

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