Lockout Do's And Don'ts: The Essentials

There's a certain code of conduct one must hold his/her self to during the NHL Lockout. Each fan base has a different way of behaving, but we Devils fans must hold ourselves to only the highest standard. Here is my list.

Comment on the bottom with what I missed.

Do: Watch Devils Playoff Highlights

This is possibly the most important one on this list, especially given our playoff run this year. "Henrique it's over!" is the favorite of this group, but who can forget David Clarkson scoring off Bryzgalov's gaffe, Clarkson going top shelf (literally), and even Bryce Salvador getting us back in the L.A. series.

Don't: Blindly Blame The Commish

Yes, the lockout, to some extent, is Gary Bettman's fault. I'm not saying he isn't a little @#**&$#@, but Donald Fehr also is to blame. Don't go around telling everyone how terrible Bettman is without giving some of it to the players.

Do: Continue To Hate Rangers/Flyers/ Any Other Team You Hate Fans

It's amazing I still find it difficult to interact with Rangers and Flyers fans. I thought the lockout would bring us all together to fight as one. Nope. At least we kicked both their butts in the playoffs.

Don't: Hate On Other Sports - Give Them A Try

At least try them out. The reason I got into hockey was because the basketball team I rooted for went downhill pretty fast when I was younger. Same with a lockout. If you are a hockey fan only, or mainly a hockey fan and don't know much about other sports, at least watch them.

I know we have the greatest sport, but don't hate on the others.

Do: Keep Up With The Lockout News

A common response I've read (both in media and message boards) is "I hate the NHL, I just want to get away from it". NO! Do not do that. Not only are you being ignorant to what is going on, but it's important to understand negotiations- it may affect the next CBA. A big reason why the owners wanted a work stoppage is because of that 57/43 revenue split for the players. When was that agreed to? Last CBA.

Don't: Stop Wearing Devils Gear.

A big must. I rocked my Marty jersey yesterday, and I thought of it like a throwback because of the work stoppage. It never gets old seeing NHL gear. I even saw a Hurricanes Rod Brind'amour jersey. I talked with the guy wearing it for about 30 minutes.

Hockey makes you friends.

Do: Keep Up With AHL/College/ Canadian Junior ... ANY Hockey Team In Your Area Or Of Interest To You

I live in Syracuse, so I have the Syracuse Crunch (Lightning affiliate) to root on. I worked for them last year so I went to 95% of the home games. It was awesome. Tix are cheap at any minor league venue, and college and candian junior teams are awesome to follow too. This is in no way an original thought, but hockey is still out there.

Don't: Hurt Yourself Or Damage Relationships With Friends, Family, And Neighbors Out Of Your Frustration

The lockout will end soon. I have a family friend that works in the NHL and he believes it will be over by Thanksgiving. It isn't perfect, but the NHL isn't folding. Enjoy the time off. Focus more on school, work, your significant other, whatever. Make sure you are in tip-top rooting shape once the new CBA is agreed to.

What did I miss?

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