Ticket Pricing and STH Pre-Sale

Hey everyone, I noticed a lot of people asking and nothing had been posted so I figured I would share. Last night I got an email from the Devils sent to Season Ticket Holders that there would be a 24 hour ticket pre-sale for regular season tickets at 50% off the box office price. As you know, tickets go on sale to the public Wednesday. STH will be able to purchase tickets starting at 10AM on Tuesday. The 50% discount for STH will be good until midnight on Monday the 21st (which makes sense since the home opener is the 22nd).

Additionally, the Devils sent out the pricing chart. Tickets are again available in three tiers which are now called "Premier," "Classic," and "Devils Army Special" (formerly 30th Anniversary Special). There are some restriction by section because there are so many season tickets sold already and STH in the Brown, Aqua, Pink and Royal Blue sections need to call up to buy more tickets in their sections.

To be clear. I am not offering to buy anyone tickets at these prices. I am just passing on the information because a lot of people have wondered if the Devils are doing anything to appease their fans. This is being done only for STH, which is roughly 10,000 people. As a STH I'm appreciative of this, as I know it could be a big loss for them. As a fan, I would have liked to see a window in which they offered 50% off on limited seats to all fans, but then again as a gate-driven business that would be highly unlikely to happen.

I would imagine there is some demand for it, so after the jump I am going to list which games are Premier, Classic and Special. I am not going to list the individual prices for each section, so please do not ask. The ticket price ranges provided are the public prices, not the STH prices.

Premier Games ($41-$394, 9 Games): Jan-22 vs PHI, Feb-5 vs NYR, Feb-9 vs PIT, Feb-15 vs PHI, Mar-13 vs PHI, Mar-16 vs MTL, Mar-19 vs NYR, Apr-20 vs FLA, Apr-25 vs PIT

Classic Games($29-$340, 8 Games): Jan-25 vs WSH, Feb-18 vs OTT, MAR-23 vs FLA, APR-1 vs NYI, Apr-6 vs TOR, Apr-10 vs BOS, Apr-12 vs OTT, APR-23 vs MTL

Special Games($22-$263, 7 Games): Jan-31 vs NYI, Feb-7 vs TB, Feb-12 vs CAR, Feb-24 vs WPG, Mar-5 vs TB, Mar-7 vs BUF, Mar-10 vs WPG

None of these should really surprise anyone. Hope to see some of you at games this season!

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