Goal Song Update

I'm sure that by now, many of you have seen Tom Gulliti's post on the Fire and Ice blog regarding the goal song. If not, here is a link to it. Basically, the guys running the show over at The Rock aren't going back to using Rock 'N' Roll Part 2, at least for now. You can read the letter, posted on the Devil's official website, here. That link is also where you can submit your own choices for the new goal song. The songs that are submitted the most will be played at the next three home games, and then we will be able to vote for the song we like the most as the new goal song.

I understand that many fans just want the old song back, but for now that's not an option. So let's not boo our team when they score goals, because it's probably not going to work. Those of you who still want to chant, "you suck!" at the opposing goaltender, have at it. It shouldn't really even be an issue.

Anyway, since we're going with a new goal song, and they are letting us choose one, I thought I'd put together another list of possible replacement songs, expanding on user poros all star's previous fanpost. My thought process in doing this, is that I'd rather not hear Zombie Nation if we ever whenever we score a goal. In my opinion, the Blackhawks have the best goal song in the league, Chealsea Dagger by Fratellis. It's unique and catchy and it gets the crowd going. It seems likely however, that a sizable portion of voters will send in the generic, over-played songs you've heard at every sporting event, ever. Therefore this is my way of getting some of the lesser known songs (and some known ones also) heard by a larger audience so maybe we can end up with something more original than Blur's Song 2 as our goal song.

A good or bad goal song may not have any effect on the outcome of a game, but judging by the reaction at the first home game, it's very important to us fans, and that's a good thing. So while some of you may not care what we use, I am confident I'm not alone in saying I do care what the new song will be. This should be a collaborative process. I encourage all of you to comment with your own choices. If fact, I included some of the songs from the previous fanpost that I liked. So if you hear a song you like, send that in as your choice by filling out the form in the link to the Devils website, above. All links to songs are from youtube, and the time in parenthesis indicates where it'd start for the goal-song. If none is included I either couldn't decide or it'd start from the beginning. Now I'll leave you with some tunes (not in any order but I do like the first one).

1. Beer by Reel Big Fish. (2:45)

2. Bro Hymn by Pennywise. (0:54)

3. Hell Yeah by Rev Theory (1:15)

4. Seaside Bar Song by Bruce Springsteen

5. Throwdown by The Phantoms

6. Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

7. These Days by the Foo Fighters (1:12 ish)

8. Live Like a Warrior by Matisyahu (0:42)

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