Devils Zone Exits: Game 8 vs. New York Rangers

Zone exit types are broken up into three main categories: successful exits with possession, successful exits that result in a turnover in the neutral zone and failed exits that result in a turnover in the defensive zone. Exiting the defensive zone successfully with possession is obviously the ideal scenario, and is covered by the acronyms C (Carry Success) and P (Pass Success). In the chart below the total of these scenarios are called "Total Succ.".

Exiting the defensive zone successfully but without solid control of the puck, often resulting in a neutral zone turnover, is delegated by the acronyms CH (Chip), FC (Failed Carry), FP (Failed Pass) and X (Misc.). These scenarios are summed up in the "Total Clear" column in the chart below.

Zone clear attempts that result with a turnover inside the defensive zone are the worst outcome, and are dictated by the acronyms CT (Carry Turnover), PT (Pass Turnover) and T (Turnover) and are summed up in the "Total Turn." column. Additionally, note that I consider an Icing (I) a turnover as well.

C = Carry Success / P = Pass Success / CH = Chip / FC = Failed Carry / FP = Failed Pass / X = Misc. / I = Icing / CT = Carry Turnover / PT = Pass Turnover / T = Turnover



-The Devils had a total of 93 zone exit attempts, with 22, or 24%, resulting in secured puck possession in the neutral zone.

-The Devils turned the puck over in the defensive zone on exit attempts 15 times, a 16% rate.

-The zone exit numbers for this game are pretty interesting. On one hand, the Devils very poor at leaving the defensive zone with possession, however they kept their turnover rate fairly low.

-After re-watching the game, it became apparent that the Devils really beat the Rangers in the neutral zone. Pucks that were cleared out via CH or FP were often recovered shortly thereafter by dogged pursuit of the puck, as well as general incompetence by the Rangers in their transition game.


-No Devils' defenseman stood out in a good way in their attempts to exit the zone, however Peter Harrold looked especially bad. In 10 attempts, he only managed one successful clear with possession, and also turned it over three times.

-Andy Greene looked poor as well, attempting eight total clears and turning over four of them. Three of the four turnovers came on icing calls.

-Mark Fayne looked the best of any Devils defensemen, totaling one successful clear and four neutral zone clears in five attempts.


-Mattias Tedenby needs to show more composure when he collects the puck along the boards. He is very quick to simply dump it off the glass, as evidenced by five chips in a total of six exit attempts. Fortunately none of them resulted in turnovers this game, however I believe it was against Ottawa or Columbus that Tedenby failed to clear the zone on a weak chip attempt, and the opponent ended up scoring.

-Andrei Loktionov continues to be one of the Devils' better forwards at exiting the defensive zone. In five total attempts, Loktionov had three successful clears with possession, two chips and no turnovers. Loktionov is able to jump on loose pucks very quickly and turn them up the ice, as well as having the wherewithal to stop and hold onto the puck instead of simply dumping it off the glass.

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