Is Chris Terreri's #31 unofficially retired?

I wish I could have seen the Devils practice yesterday, where according to TG at Fire & Ice goaltending coach Chris Terreri suited up opposite Brodeur - reminiscent of the mid-90's seasons in which they shared the net.

This had a special nostalgia for me, because it was during this time that I became a Devils fan. The first game I attended was actually in 91-92, but I would say the 92-93 season was the first one that I followed. Terreri became my favorite player right away. My mom used to take me to watch the Devils practice at South Mountain Arena in West Orange, which was a nice way to "get to know" the Devils up close and personal. I remember being at the 93-94 training camp and being blown away by some kid named Brodeur, and of course the rest is history. As much as I love Marty, Terreri will always have a special place in my fandom.

So reading about this practice yesterday got me thinking ... to my knowledge no player has worn #31 since him, right? Or am I forgetting someone? The most obvious candidate would be one of the many backup goalies that have cycled through the team since his first departure in 1996 and after his second stint in 2001:

Corey Schwab - 35; Mike Dunham - 1; John Vanbiesbrouck - 34; Scott Clemmensen - 40/35; Kevin Weekes - 1; Johan Hedberg - 1; and most recently (although I don't think anyone would call him a "backup") Cory Schneider - 35.

Lou often gives young/call-up defensemen a number in the 30's too (Fayne wore 34 until 7 became available, Taormina and Gelinas debuted wearing 32) but I don't remember seeing a 31. And forwards - numbers above 30 are very rare as we all know.

I know that Lou is close with Terreri going back to their days at Providence College - is he parking it for him as a courtesy, especially since he is still in the organization? As much as I love him, I don't think that Terreri justifies having his number hung up in the rafters with 3, 4, 27 (and in the not too distant future 30 and 26), but it might me conveniently omitted from number assignment.

Having studied statistics, there is of course the argument of cause vs effect. I recognize it could also be possible that none of these players wanted the #31 anyway, and that the first time someone does he may get it. As I look at the list of goalies above, I don't think any of them wore 31 for any of their other teams, so this could definitely be the case.

Anyway, what do you think?

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