New Jersey Devils vs. New York Islanders: Gamethread #36

This is the gamethread for tonight's game between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders. This is a post where users can discuss what happens before, during, and after the game until the recap is up.

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The Time: 7:00 PM EST

The Broadcast: TV - MSG +; Radio - 660 AM WFAN & 101.9 FM

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the New York Islanders

The Game Previews: John's preview from earlier this morning is right here. For the opposition's point of view, please check out Lighthouse Hockey.

The Song for Tonight: Pins and Needles by Deadguy. New Jersey circa 1995...when neutral zone traps were neutral zone traps and metalcore was metalcore...sigh...simpler times my friends...simpler times..

Gameday Info: As Tom Gulitti reported earlier today, after almost eight weeks off due to a wrist injury Dainius Zubrus will return to action this eve against the Islanders. This very large Lithuanian cog is no doubt a welcome addition back into the machine that is the NJ Devils...let's hope the refurbished part shows little rust and holds up under the general wear and tear. Also: this will mark the fifth and final meeting between the two teams this season with the squads splitting the previous four match ups. Obviously with the Atlantic Division being as tight as it is at this point and in a shortened season this game is a must win. (regulation win please...oh my nerves).

As for the Islanders all chips are in on John Tavares with a strong side bet on Evgeni Nabokov who gets the start in net this eve for New York.

The Reminder of Rules: This is a place where you can comment about this game before, during, and after it's played before the recap is up. This is a place where we primarily discuss the Devils game. An odd mention of other NHL games is OK, but it shouldn't dominate discussion. All comments will be clean, respectful of each other, relevant to the game, and legal (read: no streams). Please refrain from super-big pictures to keep the gamethread moving for everyone. If you do post pictures make sure to post a title in the comment. No .GIFs shall be it is written so it is the law.

New sheriff in town: JT "HELLAWAITS" Sroka reporting for my first day of service to ILWT as it's new gamethread manufacturer & moderator! I will be doing my best to retain my "unique" views here while keeping an ever watchful eye over the commentary within. So as always you have all been given your instructions in the dressing room: remember to protect yourself at all times and above all obey the commandments of ILWT. Now let's get it on!

John will provide commentary here and through @InLouWeTrust throughout the game. Let's go Devils!!!

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