This is text of an email from NJD marketing making a push for season tickets and making several major announcments concerning the team for this year and next. Wow, I wonder if Lou knows ?????

Good Afternoon Devils Fans!

I hope all is well and you are enjoying the 2013 NHL Season as we come to its conclusion. The 3 time Stanley Cup Champions, 5 time Conference Champions, and 9 time Divisional Champions have lots to look forward to for the 2013-14 campaign eventhough we struggled with injuries which ended our season shorter than usual. Im sure you noticed a whole new environment here at the Rock with our growing fan base. Even with the Devil’s injuries and on-ice struggles, we sold out all but 2 games this season through the addition of over 5000 new season ticket holders in the past two seasons and having a 90% renewal rate in our fan base. Even with that incredible growth within our fan base, the team is already ahead of that pace for new season ticket holders going into next season!!

As one of our biggest fans, I’m sure you are aware that this team has only missed the playoffs 3 times since 1987!! So we have no fear that next season will be as good as any here at the Rock. The last time we missed the playoffs, the following year we won the Eastern Conference finals and made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals! With all the buzz around the team going into next year in addition to the historic success, it’s a near guarantee that next year will be one of the most memorable ones yet.

In addition to the exciting new atmosphere at the arena, the 2013-14 season looks brighter than ever for the Devils. Going into Martin Brodeur’s final season, the team has lots of cap space to make way for huge additions to the roster as well as a probable lottery pick (something that we never have being in the playoffs almost every year… who will also be selected right here in the Rock for the first time ever this summer!). Our star wing, Ilya Kovalchuck, will be well rested and recovered for the much needed long off season making him ready for Marty’s final season! And (the most exciting news of all) the recent announcement of an OUTDOOR STADIUM SERIES GAME in New York City between the NHL’s biggest rivalry, DEVILS VS RANGERS!!

I want to make sure you, one of our priority list members, are able to be a part of this potentially historic season in franchise history! As a Fan Development Manager, my job is to customize and recommend plans for our fans as well as provide you with discounts to maximize your experience here with the Devils. We are currently on sale with our full season plans for next year, which give you BY FAR the best pricing and benefits here with the team. Our season tickets start as low as ONLY $23 per game, which is ONLY $86 per month using our payment plans!! By purchasing now, you would receive the remaining 3 games FOR FREE this season, two NHL Draft tickets to watch our lottery pick live at the arena, a relocation/upgrade event where you can upgrade your seats for no additional charge, extended payment plans of up to 12 months, AND guaranteed tickets to the Devils-Rangers outdoor game! (being a season ticket holder will be the ONLY way to get tickets at face value to the outdoor game) I attached to this email a seating map showing each of our price options for season tickets next year and a benefits sheet to show you all the benefits you receive in addition to those listed.

Feel free to reach out to me now or in the future for any interests for the Devils or any events here at the Rock. We will also be releasing partial plans as well, if interested in something smaller. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, but let me know as soon as possible if interested in season tickets! Seats are moving extremely fast especially with the recent announcement of the outdoor game. Waiting a day or two will be the difference of multiple rows and potential more affordable prices.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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