Devils Mostly Quiet at Deadline, Acquire Steve Sullivan for a Seventh Rounder


Devils acquire former draft pick Steve Sullivan from the Coyotes at deadline for a seventh-round draft pick.

The Devils stayed mostly quiet at this year's trade deadline. After a flurry of action from all over the league right around 3pm, Pierre LeBrun of ESPN/TSN reported that the Devils had acquired Steve Sullivan from the Coyotes for a seventh-rounder.

2012-13 - Steve Sullivan 33 5 7 12 -8 20 2 0 0 48

No one will mistake Sullivan for a big game changer for the Devils. He's a forward who, at 38 years old, appears to be winding down his career. He was actually drafted by the Devils back in 1994 in the ninth round (DownGoesAvery called Lou's shot yesterday). He played parts of two seasons for the Devils until he left in 1997 as part of a deal that brought Doug Gilmour to New Jersey.

Steve Sullivan Career Stats - Yahoo! Sports

Overall, it's hard to hate a trade for any NHL roster player in which you're only giving up a seventh-round pick. Sullivan, while old, has still shown the ability to be at least reasonably productive in recent years, most recently with 48 points last year for the Penguins. He probably slots into the lineup somewhere in the third or fourth line, but where he fits exactly is hard to say at this point. Perhaps Tom "Glassjaw" Kostopoulos takes a seat in the press box for now.

Anyway, what's your take on the Devils at the deadline? Should they have done more? Do you like this trade in particular? Sound off in the comments. John will be along with further analysis (maybe?) later tonight.

John's Further Analysis: Well, the Devils got a NHL player for essentially nothing so I don't think there's a lot of room for complaint. Sullivan won't likely make the offense that much better but he can't hurt it.

As Mike noted, he's been somewhat productive this season. Allow me to add to that. According to Phoenix's player stats at, he averaged 14:21 in even strength ice time per game and 2:32 of power play time per game. According to Behind the Net, he has Phoenix's third best on-ice Corsi rate among forwards (7.96) with their tenth highest Corsi Rel QoC (somehow Phoenix faced a lot of toughs?) and fifth highest offensive zone start percentage (61.3%). Based on that, it would be best for him to line up at wing and get PP time along with a third line shift. You wouldn't want him against the other team's best, you would want him to get more favorable zone starts when possible, but he doesn't need to face scrubs to not get killed in possession. I will note that he's been rather unlucky with the second-lowest PDO among Phoenix forwards, but given that the Devils as a team have been low in PDO, I don't have my hopes up that it'll change anytime soon.

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