Stadium Series Jersey Options

As everyone knows by now the Devils are going to be in an Outdoor game in 2014. Lou says that discussions about possible jerseys hasn't happened yet. So let's give him some ideas.

  • Status Quo



Why it might not happen: $$$$. These outdoor games are huge money makers for the league and its sponsors.

The Winter Classic has been wildly successful – from attention to attendance to merchandising. Collins said the Winter Classic – one regular-season game – generates 40-60 percent of the merchandising revenue that a market like Boston or Chicago generates when it wins a Stanley Cup.

Interested parties would love to make some extra cash off a specialty jersey.

Garth Snow in a recent interview also stated:

every team has a different jersey that they wear for it

Snow has never been wrong before though right?

Why it might happen: The Devils have one of the best jerseys and logo in the NHL. Don't try to change something that is already great. We can always tell that it's great because when people try to come up with third jersey concepts, they usually are not that good.

  • Go Green A) White B) Red



Why it might not happen: The Devils have already used the Retro Red jersey for St. Patricks Day recently. Again, interested parties might not want something that has already been used.

Why it might happen: The Retro White gets my vote as what I would like to see in the outdoor game. It is part of their history and is something they haven't used or sold in two decades. The one downside to the Retro White might be wanting dark home colors. The Devils are technically the "home" team at Yankee Stadium. Also, it makes it hard to Rock your Red at the Prudential Center with a white jersey.

  • None of the above







Why it might not happen: This might be the least likely to happen. Not only does it not include the NJ logo, but the Jersey Devils don't have any connection to the current Devils. The outdoor game will be a huge way to promote the team and the Devils might not want their logo to be missing.

Why it might happen: After the Retro White, this is my second place vote. A Red "Jersey Devils" jersey would be a completely new and different dark jersey to sell. Simply using lettering also doesn't try to create a new logo. It would certainly tie in nicely with the "Jerseys Team" theme and if NBC wants to pump up the "roots of the game" and "vintage" aspects for the event, this jersey does that.

What Jersey would you like to see? Vote for your favorite or include your own ideas in the comments below.

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