Would Pittsburgh go for Marty (and Marty for Pittsburgh)?



The Devils' season has been over for a while now and the playoffs will be coming to a close very soon. In those two or so weeks after the season and before the 2014 NHL Draft, hockey analysts and pundits will be stirring the pot every once in a while, trying to keep fans interesting in the happenings of the League. Notorious for that is the website Hockey Buzz. Though few of their reports ever come to fruition, the site does its job by keeping the fans interested.

One of their most recent reports mentions the prospect of the Penguins signing Martin Brodeur. First, there's a lot of reasoning that supports it. Pittsburgh desperately needs a strong goalie for the playoffs. Now, the situation has become so precarious that the team has been oft-predicted to trade embattled goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, who is a terrific goalie in the regular season but tends to fall apart in the playoffs. I say "tends" because he actually played very admirably in the 2014 playoffs, sporting a 93.3% save at 5-on-5.

However, a new regime is stepping in with a new coach and general manager. The crew that put all of their eggs in Fleury's basket for the past eight years is gone. In addition, Pittsburgh is in huge money troubles and are hovering very closely to the cap ceiling with a lot of free agents to sign. With only fifteen million dollars available, the team will only have 12 skaters and two goalies signed. Just going down the list, Marcel Goc, Lee Stempniak, Jussi Jokinen, Brandon Sutter, Brooks Orpik, Matt Niskanen, and Deryk Engelland will all need new contracts before July 1. Pittsburgh only has the cap space for about half of these players, which means that the team will need veteran minimum players to fill the gaps. That's not a recipe for success. A trade must be on the forefront. James Neal has popped up but Fleury is also a possible name.

Even if the team doesn't trade him, Pittsburgh is still in the market for another helping hand at goalie. Tomas Vokoun has an expiring contract and may never be in NHL shape again after missing the entire NHL season with a blood clot.

On New Jersey's side, Marty has publicly said that he plans on testing the water in free agency. If he makes it to free agency, it will be interesting to see if there is any interest. A lot of Devils fans, including yours truly, hope that Marty can't find a suitor and is forced to retire or take a clear #2 role in New Jersey. However, this article cites that the Penguins are interested in Marty and Crosby would love the move.

Only time will tell if Marty wants to sign there (he has said he would not want to play the Devils so I don't know how likely it is), but it is a great way for analysts and management to stir the pot. Hopefully, there is more to this story to come. What are your thoughts? Would you trade Marty's rights at the Draft? Would you wait until free agency when every team has a chance at him? Sound off in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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