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Adam Larsson Stands Tall at #2 on Top 25 U-25 List


Adam Larsson oozed potential heading into the 2011 NHL Draft and he showed he can become a great two way defenseman for New Jersey in 2011-12. It was easy to rank him high, but it wasn't easy...

Jacob Josefson Achieved #3 on Top 25 U-25 List


The two-way center remained in New Jersey for most of the 2011-12 season when he was healthy. While his role was limited, his skills and secure spot in the NHL was enough to put him up to #3 on our...

New Jersey Devils European League Roundup: Week 8


The Devils abroad had a very quiet week in Europe.

New Jersey Devils College Prospect Roundup


A look into the previous week of college action including highlights from the University of Ohio's match against Alaska.

Jon Merrill Ranked #4 on Top 25 U-25 List


Michigan defenseman Jon Merrill is notorious for off ice incidents keeping him off the ice. However, when he has played, he's been a dominant two-way player in college and has a high upside. Thus,...

New Jersey Devils Prospects Junior Roundup


A weekly look at Devils prospects playing in Canadian junior leagues. In addition, I'll look at some of the top prospects for the 2013 NHL entry draft

Albany Devils Weekly Roundup: Week 6


Recapping the last week for the Albany Devils. The Devils played 2 games last week, winning one and losing one in a shootout. Read all about it right here.

Talking Red #91 - Still Locked Out Edition


On this week's episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, David Sarch and John Fischer summarize what has happened involving the Devils of the last two weeks, help a listener make a purchasing...

Alexander Urbom Checks in at #5 on Top 25 U-25


Alexander Urbom has received a few games with the New Jersey Devils, while becoming a mobile, physical, and defensive defenseman in Albany. Between his skillset and that he's close to making it, we...


Let's Build The Library: The "Best Of" ILWT

11/17/2012 Update: The page is up in the library. Thanks to everyone's who contributed. Please keep making suggestions in this post or by email and I'll update the list here and on the page. N...

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