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Reviewing the Goals Allowed by Martin Brodeur: October 2011

The review of all of the goals allowed by Martin Brodeur begins with his shortest in October 2011. I look at all 4 goals allowed and make observations such as whether the goals were soft, where the shot beat Brodeur.

The Edmonton Oilers as A Possible Trade Partner

Looking at the possibilities of a trade involving the forward-heavy Edmonton Oilers and the Defense heavy Devils

Looking at Plan B Options for The New Jersey Devils: Kyle Wellwood

On Friday our esteemed editor wrote a compelling post on why Alexander Semin could be a good addition to the New Jersey Devils. I fully agree with the arguments John made and while I would love to...

New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 76 - Never a Dull Week & Interview with Sherry Ross

On this week's episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, Talking Red, David Sarch & John Fischer discuss Larry Robinson getting hired by San Jose, answer some listener questions, and David interviewed Sherry Ross, Devils color commentator for WFAN.

Larry Robinson Hired by San Jose for 2 Years; New Jersey Devils Lose Another Assistant Coach

New Jersey Devils assistant coach Larry Robinson has signed a two year deal with the San Jose Sharks as an associate coach. The move means the Devils must find another assistant coach, which will be difficult as Robinson was well suited for coaching the defense.

Reports: Larry Robinson hired by San Jose as an Associate Coach

Here's some surprising news from Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette. Assistant coach Larry Robinson was just hired by San Jose for two years with an one-year option. This is a big blow to the Devils as Robinson worked with the defensemen and was quite successful. He was thinking about retirement, but I suppose he wanted a new challenge. The Devils now have two openings for assistant coaches.

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Now's Your Opportunity

As In Lou We Trust grows, there's a growing need for more help on the premier New Jersey Devils site for opinion & analysis. In this post, I ask users to apply for one or two regular writing positions as well as for the vacant Devils in the Details spot.

Should the New Jersey Devils Consider Going After Alexander Semin?

With the hole left by Parise's departure, should the New Jersey Devils go after Alexander Semin, the top offensive forward free agent on the market? This post takes an in-depth look at Semin's performance in the last 5 seasons and concludes that the Devils should consider it but with caution.

Lessons Unlearned: The New Jersey Devils Sign Krys Barch to a Two Year Deal

The New Jersey Devils signed another goon, right winger Krys Barch in free agency today. This post explains how little Barch will bring to the table while criticizing Lou Lamoriello for not learning from the 2012 playoffs that the fourth line should be filled with players who can actually play hockey.

Mark Fayne files for Arbitration

TG says the hearings will be held from July 20th-August 4th. Hopefully the Devils can come to terms before Fayne's hearing
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