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Kovy Penalty Reduced: Devils Get Back 1st Rounder

In a stunning bit of news, the NHL has decided to reduce the Devils' penalty from the original Ilya Kovalchuk contract in 2010. The Devils will now have a pick in the first round once again.

Devils Attendance and Business Update

It's been awhile since the Devils have had any significant news on the business side of the game. No news is likely good news for fans!

Devils to be Part of NHL's New Documentary Series

The NHL has announced that there will be a reality series that follows players on all of the teams involved in the Stadium Series leading up to and beyond the Olympics. Get excited, because that means the Devils will be involved.

Devils Want You to Change Goal Song from R&R Pt. 2

The New Jersey Devils changed the goal song on opening night and the masses booed it right out of the Rock. Management has decided to let the fans submit their own suggestions and, hey, you su-re know that I have some thoughts on that.

Devils Cut Most Single Game Prices for '13-'14

The New Jersey Devils will release tickets for single games on Thursday, and they have revealed their prices in advance on their website. This post reviews their new tiered pricing and compares it with single game prices from the 2013 season.

A Note for the New Owners of the Devils

Now that the sale of the Devils is final, there are a few things the new owners need to know.

NJ Devils "Major News Conference" Open Post

The New Jersey Devils are expected to be bought by a group led by Josh Harris and the team announced a "major news conference" at 11 AM at the Prudential Center. This is an open post for fans to discuss the event as it happens.

Josh Harris & Group Approved to Buy NJ Devils

As reported Tom Gulitti, Josh Harris and his group has been approved by the NHL Board of Governors to purchase the New Jersey Devils. They are expected to be formally announced as owners on Thursday morning. This post reacts to the good news.

#NJDevils Spending by Position

This post takes a look at how the Devils spend their money at each position and how it has changed over the last five seasons.

The Devils Could Be Soon Sold to a New Owner

Ownership of the New Jersey Devils returned to the news today due to a bold claim by a Forbes article. Subsequent reporting revealed that the Devils could be sold to a new buyer soon. These are my thoughts on all that was reported today.


More Financial Problems for Vanderbeek & Devils?

Jeff Vanderbeek is back in the news. The good news was that a new lease agreement was made with Newark. The bad news is that Josh Kosman reported further financial issues in the Post. In this post, I explain why I'm not so concerned.

Has the Devils Attendance Turned a Corner in 2013?

The Devils attendance numbers are reaching all-time highs this season. Is it a momentary spike, or the start of a better fan atmosphere at the Rock?

Devils Early Season Attendance & Business News

Devils Early Season Attendance & Business News: Four Sellouts and a Positive Financial Outlook!

N.J. Devils Raised Most Ticket Prices for 2013

The New Jersey Devils have revealed their ticket prices for single game and season ticket holders for the 2013 season on their website. Most sections will have increased ticket prices for this season compared to prices for the 2011-12 season.

Devils Tickets: Sales Info & TiqIQ Deal for 1/22

Some important news regarding season ticket holders and single game sales for the New Jersey Devils have come out today. In addition to bringing that up, TiqIQ has their first deal for the Devils'...

Jeff Vanderbeek Fully Owns the N.J. Devils

The New Jersey Devils ownership issues are resolved for now. Jeff Vanderbeek is now the complete owner of the organization and part of the team's debt has been refinanced. This post contains some initial thoughts on the news.

New Jersey Devils To Keep First-Round Pick At 2012 NHL Draft

(SB Nation) -- The New Jersey Devils will hold on to their first round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft. As part of their penalty for attempting to sign Ilya Kovalchuk to a 17-year, $102 million contract...

TV Ratings, Fan Atmosphere and Revenue - A Positive Byproduct of the Devils Playoffs Run

The Devils are off to the Eastern Conference Finals with terrific on-ice play. How has this helped some lingering off-ice issues?

New Jersey Devils Tickets for Games 3 & 4; Open Playoff Post

This is both an open post for tonight's playoff game with ticket deals from TiqIQ passed on to the readers.

Devils Financial Situation - A Brief Look Back

This is a quick look back at the multiple reports concerning the Devils financial and business situation. Suffice to say, one shouldn't speculate on "sources" or "reports."

A Quick Look at the Devils Attendance Numbers So Far This Season

This is a quick look at the New Jersey Devils attendance numbers. How have the first months compared to previous seasons? What's to come and what are some factors?

The Devils Supporter Section: Diablos 122 - November Report

This is the In Lou We Trust November report for the New Jersey Devils supporters section: Diablos 122. What do we chant? What are we planning? How can you join us?

The 2011-2012 New Jersey Devils Promotional Schedule

This is a summary and opinion on the 2011-2012 New Jersey Devils Promotional Schedule. What's news? What's back? And What could be done to make it better?

The 2011-2012 New Jersey Devils Supporters Section

The New Jersey Devils Supporters Section is back for every home game this season. This is basic information on the section, it's captains, and the chants that will be used throughout games.

The Devils Business and Financial Situation - A Timeline

With all the recent news related to the Devils ownership issues and bogus reports on bankruptcy and misleading numbers, it's time to look at an outline of the financial and business history of the Devils.

Let's Breakdown the New Jersey Devils Response to Inaccurate NY Post Article on Team Finances

An article in the New York Post by Josh Kosman alleges the New Jersey Devils are in serious financial trouble. The Devils released a statement in response; and I break it down while providing my own speculation in between it's lines.

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