Devils History

Scott Niedermayer: Remembering the New Jersey Devils Legend as His #27 is Retired

Scott Niedermayer was one of the greatest players to ever play for the New Jersey Devils. On the night of his number being retired at the Prudential Center, I go into length about his time as a Devil from his beginning to his accomplishments to controversies to his end as a Devil.

The Neutral Zone Trap & the New Jersey Devils

In response to a user question, I explain what the neutral zone trap is, what's required to make it work, and why the New Jersey Devils were so effective with the trap in the mid-1990s.

The 1995 New Jersey Devils: Good but Not Great (Until the Playoffs)

Looking back at the first time the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup, I discovered that they were good but not great until the playoffs.

Neal Broten: The Devils' Greatest Veteran Midseason Acquisition

Looking back at New Jersey Devils' midseason acquisition of veteran players, I learn that Neal Broten was the best out of all of them. I look at his 1995 performance with the Devils both in the season and in the playoffs to explain why.

A Quick History of European Players Throughout the New Jersey Devils Franchise

Inspired partially from yesterday's post on Patrik Sundström, I chart out the length of time European players played for the New Jersey Devils franchise throughout it's history.

Patrik Sundström: The First Successful Swedish New Jersey Devil

Patrik Sundström was not the first Swedish player for the New Jersey Devils, but he was the first to be successful. He played 5 seasons for the team and I discuss what he did for New Jersey in that timeframe.

Remembering Stephane Richer as a New Jersey Devil

I've recently realized that I wasn't fully aware of how good Stephane Richer was as a New Jersey Devil. In this post, I pointed out his stats, found some video showcasing his talent, and describe his career in some detail.

Eight Years Ago, The New Jersey Devils Won Their Third Stanley Cup

Eight years ago today, the New Jersey Devils won their third Stanley Cup. I take the time to write about the 2002-03 season and go into depth about their ultimately successful playoff run with a focus on June 9, 2003 - their Game 7 against Anaheim.

What if There were Multiple Monuments for the History of the New Jersey Devils?

Given the amount of discussion Puck Daddy's Mount "Puckmore" feature has generated, I come up with some other, more offbeat monuments for the New Jersey Devils history.

The Two Most Important People in New Jersey Devils History

In coming up with suggestions for "Mount Puckmore" for the New Jersey Devils, users have suggested players, coaches, and even Lou. I use that as a jumping-off point to note the two most important people in New Jersey Devils history. One is Lou Lamoriello, the other should be recognizable to all Devils fans.

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