Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

Devils Stay Greene: $25 Million Extension Reaction


The New Jersey Devils locked up another potential free agent in 2015 by signing Andy Greene to a contract extension worth $25 million over five years. This reaction post looks at why it's a good...

What are the Devils' Options Down the Middle?


Heading into 2014-15, the Devils appear to be set at forward in terms of quantity. Beyond that, the configuration of forwards seems very much up in the air. What possibilities are out there for New...

2014 NJ Passing Review: Efficiency and Winning


This is a look at what passing statistics correlate more with winning hockey games. Read on for the details.

Reviewing Goals Against Cory Schneider: Dec. 2013


Cory Schneider was hot in November but he was not in December. In 6 games, he conceded 18. How many of those were soft? How many of them featured another Devil making a notable error? This month's...

How About a Faster Start This Year?


Last year, the New Jersey Devils were the last team in the NHL to win a hockey game, losing seven straight contests before getting that all-important "W". Will this year be better for the team, or...

Can the Devils Survive the Injury Bug in 2014-15?


With a team that is equal-parts old and seemingly injury-prone, will the Devils' health be a major factor for the 2013-14 season?

Devils 2013-2014 Passing: A Passing Stats Primer


This is a post dedicated to explaining what goes into tracking, analyzing, and presenting passing statistics. It will be updated from time to time as this process evolves. Read on for the details.

Reviewing Goals Against Cory Schneider: Nov. 2013


Cory Schneider got hot in November in the 2013-14 season. In six appearances, he got beaten only eight times. Find out what kinds of goals those eight were in this second part of the review of all...

Were the Devils Lucky or Unlucky Last Season?


Talk to any New Jersey Devils fan, and he or she will tell you that the team was highly unlucky last year due to an atrocious 0-13 shootout record. Was the team really unlucky though, or were they...

Jacob Josefson Re-Signed: 2 Years, $800k/Year


Jacob Josefson was re-signed by the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday and it was revealed on Thursday that it was a two-year, one-way contract worth a total of $1.6 million. This reaction post asks the...


Projecting Goals Against for the Devils in 2014-15


With a largely-similar squad and a likely-improved goaltending situation in the upcoming season, the Devils could take a step forward in terms of goals allowed this season. But how big an...

Reviewing Goals Against Cory Schneider: Oct. 2013


Cory Schneider will be the goaltender for the New Jersey Devils for time to come with his new contract. Let's take a closer look at the goals he allowed in his first season with the team. This post...

A Closer Look at Jagr's 24 Goals for NJ in 13-14


Jaromir Jagr led the New Jersey Devils in scoring last season, which was impressive given that he's on the wrong side of 40. Therefore, a closer look will be taken at all of his points. This post...

Is Devils Coach Pete DeBoer Line Change Happy?


Throughout the 2013-2014 season, it seemed the New Jersey Devils had a tough time finding static forward lines for their top 9 that allowed the players to gel. Was head coach Peter DeBoer altering...

Cory Schneider Gets 7 Yr. Contract Extension


Cory Schneider will be a New Jersey Devil until he's 35. Today, the New Jersey Devils signed the goaltender to a 7-year contract extension worth $42 million. This post briefly explains why this is...

Who's Scoring? Projecting the Goals for 2014-15


With most of the Devils' roster now settled heading towards next season, have they done enough to get this offense where it needs to be? How many goals should we be expecting them to put up?

What Should Be Andy Greene's Next Contract?


There are two players on the New Jersey Devils that may get a contract extension soon: Cory Schneider and Andy Greene. Greene's case is more interesting and this post looks at comparable defensemen...

Waiver Exemptions: The Devils Have and Have-Nots


Waiver exemption in the NHL is based on games played, age of the first contract, and how long the player has been signed. This post looks at which New Jersey Devils in the organization still has it...

How Does the Metropolitan Division Look Now?


Last year, the Metropolitan Division was one of the worst divisions in hockey. Only the Pittsburgh Penguins broke the 100 point barrier. After Free Agent Frenzy, did the division improve? Or will...

The Defensive Youth Movement has Arrived in NJ


With Anton Volchenkov being bought out on Monday and Mark Fayne signing in Edmonton on Tuesday, the long-awaited defensive youth movement appears to be underway. Are the 'kids' ready?

A Summary of the Devils Moves as Free Agency Opens


The New Jersey Devils opened up free agency with the signings of Mike Cammalleri and Martin Havlat. They also re-signed Steve Bernier and Stephen Gionta while bringing back ex-Devils Scott...

CBGB Number 2: Gionta is Re-signed


After resigning Steve Bernier earlier in the day, the Devils also manage to re-sign center Stephen Gionta to a two year deal. Will Ryan Carter also be re-signed, or is this the last of the CBGB...

They're Not Done Yet: Devils Ink Scott Clemmensen


After saying that they were done for the day, Lou Lamoriello and the Devils dip back into free agency to sign a veteran backup goaltender in former Devil Scott Clemmensen. Will he be able to...

Steve Bernier Re-signs with NJ Devils on the Cheap


With the first re-signing of the day, the Devils bring back one third of the CBGB line by inking Steve Bernier to a 1 year deal worth $600k. This post goes into why that is a good move, considering...

Double Dipping: Devils Sign Marty Havlat


With their second move of free agent frenzy, the New Jersey Devils signed recently bought out forward Marty Havlat to a 1 year deal worth $1.5 million dollars. Lou keeps adding to an already...

NJ Devils Sign Mike Cammalleri...Good Move?


Just over a half hour into the start of free agency, the Devils ink former Calgary forward Mike Cammalleri to a 5 year deal worth $25 million total. My initial reaction is basically: blah. Let's...

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