John Fischer AMA at Devils Subreddit - Today

From until 5-ish PM, I'll be taking all of your questions about anything at the Devils' sub-reddit. Ask about the site, me, the Devils, and whatever else. Any questions after 5, I will respond much later tonight but I will get to as many as I can. (Note: Reddit doesn't have the same rules at ILWT, so be aware for things like language and other things.)

The New Jersey Devils Way


I saw this being shared on The "Fans of the New Jersey Devils" Facebook Group. I've having a rather emotional night due to all of this hockey talk in the last twelve hours, and it brought some peace to me. With all the turmoil Devils fans are going through right now, I think it would be great if one of the writers could use it in a post so that the image is at the top of the page. Thanks, NJGuy

Tallinder Traded to BUF

Tallinder traded to Buffalo for LW Riley Boychuk. Per Hockey's Future, Boychuk is a 6' 4" player who projects to be nothing more than a "4th line bruiser", but he is "all about hard work and grit". Not overly surprised by the return as Tallinder was a healthy scratch at times last year and is on the last year of a contract but he could still easily step into a top 4 defender role, especially on BUF.

Devils sign Darcy Zajac

From: @SchlossmanGF I cover the University of North Dakota hockey team, and college hockey in general, for the Grand Forks Herald. Grand Forks, ND, USA · Special Thanks to Tom Stivali for Retweeting it.

Briere to the Devils?

This was retweeted by TG a couple minutes ago; "Odds on Danny Briere's next team, according to Bovada: Devils 3-to-2, Senators 5/2, Canadiens 9/2, Sabres and Coyotes 5/1." I know Bovada is just a gambling site, but they do usually have some shred of truth to their odds. Briere probably doesn't want to move far with his kids and the Devils could use more scoring. For the right price, I'd be okay with the deal. Seeing as Kunitz, after a fantastic year, only got around 3.75 per, I'd say anywhere up to 3.5 for, at the absolute max, 3 years would be okay. He'd be 38 at the end of that deal and I think he can remain productive through that. What say you?

Top 6 forward we've been looking for?

Flyers to buy out Briere. He wants to stay close to home: No matter where he ends up signing, however, he said the Philadelphia region was going to remain his permanent home. "This is my home," he said. "Wherever I'm going to end up, the kids are staying here and I'm coming back here. Yeah, this is my home. This is what we consider home now."

Here we go again? Another report of JVR's financial problems.

The NY post is reporting today that Jeff Vanderbeek missed a $3 million interest payment in April. Now what?

Video Montage of Devils Scoring Chances Vs. Flyers - 4/18

ILWT reader @SM2635 on Twitter enjoyed putting the last video together, so he did another one. This video compiles Jerry's scoring chance count of the 3-0 win over the Second Rate Rivals on April 18, 2013.

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