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Zone Entries Matter: Please Track Them for ILWT

At ILWT, we are interested in someone to track zone entries for the Devils. This way we know how they're getting the puck in and who's doing it. Zone entries matter and it helps explain why the Devils' power play has been so hard to watch.

What You Get w/ NHL Gamecenter Live & NHL Vault

The NHL Gamecenter Live people provided a promotional code for a review of the NHL Gamecenter Live and NHL Vault services. This is that review.

Hockey Prospectus 2013-14 is Out, Now Buy It

In a blatant show of self-promotion, I bring notice that Hockey Prospectus 2013-14 is now available for purchase in part because it is a massive guide for all teams in the league and in part because I wrote a part of this year's edition.

John Fischer AMA at Devils Subreddit - Today

From until 5-ish PM, I'll be taking all of your questions about anything at the Devils' sub-reddit. Ask about the site, me, the Devils, and whatever else. Any questions after 5, I will respond much later tonight but I will get to as many as I can. (Note: Reddit doesn't have the same rules at ILWT, so be aware for things like language and other things.)

Global Hockey Legends Charity Game Report

Several former New Jersey Devils and other local players teamed up against a team of Russian players to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund at the Prudential Center today. This is a report of the 7-6 Russian win.

Talking Red #107: The Week of Living 1 Pointers

On this week's episode of Talking Red, David Sarch and John Fischer discuss the Devils three straight games of post-regulation losses, Jon Merrill and Reid Boucher signing ELCs, the upcoming trade deadline, and so much more.

Some Hockey-Related Gift Ideas for the Holidays

In this sponsored post, I offer some hockey-related gift ideas for the current holiday season.

How You Can Help Relief Efforts After Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, many sections of New Jersey and New York require significant relief efforts. This post has a short list of some of those efforts as well some general advice on how to help out locally.

SB Nation United Version 1.0.3 Change List

The lovely and talented tech team for SB Nation has updated United with a myriad of fixes and changes. The following is a list of what has just been changed to improve everyone's experience.

A New Logo for In Lou We Trust as a Sign of Things to Come

This post unveils a new logo for In Lou We Trust, the New Jersey Devils blog along with a message from SB Nation founder Tyler Bleszinski about why there's a new logo.


2012 ILWT Audition Results: Welcome Karen & Jerry as New Writers

On August 2, I posted the eleventh and final audition post for new writers for In Lou We Trust. A decision languished for over a week as I sought the opinions of others, read the posts, and...

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Now's Your Opportunity

As In Lou We Trust grows, there's a growing need for more help on the premier New Jersey Devils site for opinion & analysis. In this post, I ask users to apply for one or two regular writing positions as well as for the vacant Devils in the Details spot.

This is Gratitude, Not a Goodbye

As the New Jersey Devils' season ended in Los Angeles, I take the time to thank all of the fans and others involved that have directly or indirectly made In Lou We Trust the blog that it is today.

2012 Trade Deadline: The Devils Future Free Agents

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, the Devils have some expendable potential free agents if they make a trade. Who are they? What options do the Devils have this weekend?

XFINITY Presents: The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest - Voting Time

In Lou We Trust and SB Nation partner XFINITY is sponsoring a contest for the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job. This post contains details for the second phase of the contest, where people can vote who among the entrants should get this job.

XFINITY Presents: The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest

In Lou We Trust partner XFINITY is sponsoring a contest for the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job. This post contains details for on what the contest is for and how to enter.

New Jersey Devils Injury Report - 12/28/2011

This is a summary with links and opinions on the list of injured players on the Devils roster. What's their status? When should they return? What does it mean for New Jersey?

Upgraded & Free: SB Nation iPhone App v1.1 Released Today

The free SB Nation iPhone application has been upgraded to version 1.1. I point out what has been updated so Devils fans know what they will get in this new version as they read In Lou We Trust on their iPhones.

Win 2 Free New Jersey Devils Tickets from TiqIQ/SB Nation in the #TakeASeat Contest

TiqIQ and SB Nation have partnered up for a contest across the SBN Hockey blogs. At In Lou We Trust, readers can win two free tickets to a regular season game by guessing who will lead the Devils in PIM and the amount by the end of November.

Help Yourself & Help Others by Taking this SBN Survey

Do you have 5-10 minutes? Do you want to have some sort of input on how SB Nation operates? Do you want a chance to help someone else at the same time? If the answer to those questions are yes, t...

SBNation iPhone App is Now Available

The SBNation iPhone app is here! A quick summary of the great new product.

Welcome New ILWT Writers: Rob, Josh, & C.J.

Earlier this month, I put out a "help wanted" post looking for two new writing positions for In Lou We Trust.  I did this because of how successful the last time I did something like that.  Back...

Coming Soon: The SBNation App for Your iPhone

I want to take a little moment of your time to make you aware that SBNation is going to be coming out with a brand new mobile application (or app) for your iPhone soon.   This application will...

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Daily Links Poster & Scoring Chance Recorder Wanted

My name is John Fischer and I want you - to help here at In Lou We Trust for two specific writing positions.  Let's take a step back first, about the site. Prior to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, I...

The Upcoming Islanders Referendum & the Devils' Support

There is a referendum vote tomorrow in Nassau County for a new potential arena for the Islanders. The Devils have come out in support of the referendum, so I take the time to summarize the situation for the Isles and explain why I think the Devils have publicly supported the Isles' side in the matter.

On Stats, Narratives, and the New Jersey Devils

A collection of thoughts why I reject narratives with respect to the New Jersey Devils and tend to favor stats in analyzing the team.

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