Non-Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

Can't They Both Lose? 2014 Playoffs Open Post

This is an open post for ILWT fans to discuss about all of the hot, cold, and in-between action of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs that do not feature the New Jersey Devils. They can also discuss what they'd like to see this summer.

ILWT Guide to Choosing a Bandwagon in the Playoffs

Well folks, the Devils' season is over, and while for some that means hockey is done as well, others will tune in for the most exciting tournament in sports anyway. So, before they get going let's take a look at the options for who to root for.

What Will NJ Add? 2014 Trade Deadline Open Post

There have been plenty of trades made ahead of the 2014 NHL Trade Deadline. There will be plenty more trades and all kindsof talk today. This is an open post for ILWT users to discuss all that's going on with the New Jersey Devils and others.

How it Affects NJ: Buffalo's Trade & Other Rumors

The first significant trade near the NHL Trade Deadline happened last night as Buffalo moved Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to St. Louis. While that deal may not affect the New Jersey Devils, that move may make other rumors come true which would.

Myers Suspended 3 Games for Head Shot on Zubrus

Buffalo defenseman was suspended three games for his head shot on Dainius Zubrus in Saturday's 2-1 loss. The NHL Department of Player Safety correctly called it a head shot, but did consider Zubrus not being injured in the punishment.

Myers to Have Phone Hearing for Zubrus Head Shot

Tyler Myers jumped into a check that hit Dainius Zubrus right in the chin in the New Jersey Devils' 2-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres last night. Myers will only get a phone hearing, which is rather disappointing from the league.

What You Get w/ NHL Gamecenter Live & NHL Vault

The NHL Gamecenter Live people provided a promotional code for a review of the NHL Gamecenter Live and NHL Vault services. This is that review.

How Bad Is the Metropolitan Division Right Now?

It's no secret that the Metropolitan Division has been substandard this year. Just how awful does this bunch look right now? When compared to all of the worst divisions in recent history, the answer is: "still pretty awful."

Big Hits: How NHL Can Promote Good over Bad

Big hits are a memorable part of the game for the fans and sometimes the hitter. Given increasing safety concerns, I suggest a proactive approach for the league to explain good hits in the hopes of encouraging them over bad hits.

9/11/2013: Beginning of Camp Edition

Devils and non-Devils links for 9/11/2013 for readers to go through as well as a place for any hockey-related discussion.


Reviewed: Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract

Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract is a compendium for advanced stats and analytic concepts developed in recent years meant to be accessible to fans new and already-familiar to these metrics. This review recommends the book as it meets that main goal.

Would You Take Kovalchuk Back After 4 Yrs w/ SKA?

The "retirement" of Ilya Kovalchuk is no longer as he signed a four year deal with SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL. After his deal is done, he'll be a UFA. In response to the signing, I have to ask: would you want him back in the league then?

Global Hockey Legends Charity Game Report

Several former New Jersey Devils and other local players teamed up against a team of Russian players to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund at the Prudential Center today. This is a report of the 7-6 Russian win.

A 2013 Resolution: Let's Share Our Love of Hockey

Following a customary post about looking back on 2012, I propose a suggested resolution for 2013: share our passion of hockey with more people and go into the benefits and how to approach it.

The NHL Officially Locks Out the Players

As of midnight on September 15, the NHL will lockout the players. This is a short post summarizing some feelings about it as well as stating what will happen at In Lou We Trust now.

The Atlantic Division Off-Season through July

Well, the offseason has settled in, there isn't much to report about the New Jersey Devils, or for that matter the NHL. Hockey fans around the world are waiting for that magical time in October...

NHL Awards 2012: Explanations for My Lady Byng & Calder Trophy Ballots

On Wednesday and Thursday, the SB Nation writers revealed their selections for the Lady Byng and Calder Trophies for the 2011-12 NHL regular season. In this post, I explain my ballots for each trophy.

NHL Awards 2012: Explanations for My Vezina & Norris Trophy Ballots

SB Nation writers have voted for their selections for the 2011-12 NHL player awards. In this post, I explain my ballot for the Vezina and Norris trophies.

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