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Even Strength Shooting of the New Jersey Devils Forwards: 2007-2010

Who was the most prolific shooter among the New Jersey Devils at even strength in the last three seasons? How did all the other forwards rate? All of this and more in an in-depth look at the last three seasons of even strength shooting rates by the Devils.

ILWT Audition: Rockin’ The Rock: A Look at the Devils Attendance at Prudential Center

The third entrant into the In Lou We Trust writing audition focused on the New Jersey Devils attendance at the Prudential Center. This analysis focuses how it has or has not changed, as well as provides suggestions on how to boost it.

Analyzing Brian Rolston's Performance as a New Jersey Devil - Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a two-part analysis of Brian Rolston's performance as a New Jersey Devil. Rolston's contributions by GVT and his on-ice stats are evaluated; leading to the conclusion that he's now more of a checking winger.

A Reason to Support Ilya Kovalchuk - The 2009-10 New Jersey Devils Roster by PDO

Ilya Kovalchuk scores a lot of goals, but did you know of his on-ice impact on shooting percentage? The PDO of each player from the 2009-10 New Jersey Devils roster from the last three years gives a clue as to what to expect from each player next season - and why Kovalchuk is amazing.

What Makes a #1 Defenseman a #1 Defenseman?

After writing and analyzing Paul Martin's performance quite a bit, I have to ask: what makes a #1 defenseman a #1 defenseman? I ask the question for the readers to see what they think - offer your own thoughts in the comments.

Pre-Free Agency Projection of the 2010-11 New Jersey Devils Defense

This summer, the New Jersey Devils will have Paul Martin and Mike Mottau face unrestricted free agency. Given the New Jersey Devils' free agency situation, I offer my thoughts on what the 2010-11 defense may look like given the possible free agency scenarios.

In 5-on-5 Penalties Drawn to Taken, New Jersey Devils Around Average over Last 3 Seasons

How do the New Jersey Devils compare to the rest of the league in drawing and taking even strength penalties? A follow up to yesterday's post finds the Devils to be about average.

New Jersey Devils Penalties Drawn & Taken at 5-on-5 Over the Last Three Seasons

In response to last week's post on penalties drawn and taken, a user suggested that I expand the look to multiple seasons - so I did. How well did the Devils draw and take penalties at 5-on-5 hockey over the last 3 seasons? An in-depth post reveals plenty about the team's discipline.

Paul Martin: The Most Effective Defenseman Available on the Market This Summer

Is Paul Martin really the best available defenseman on the market this summer? This post compares Paul Martin to other 2010 UFA defensemen with an in-depth look into their on-ice impact in multiple statistics.

Comparing Paul Martin to His Fellow New Jersey Devil Defensemen: 2008-2010

How did Paul Martin benefit the Devils when he stepped on the ice, and how did it compare with his teammates from the last two seasons both at even strength and on special teams? Anyone interested in Paul Martin as a potential signing or wants to learn how effective he truly has been must read this post.

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