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Exceeding Expectations: A Look Back at 2009-10 New Jersey Devils Season Previews

With the 2009-10 season over and the playoffs upon us, I take a quick look back at the many season previews written about the New Jersey Devils. The Devils have exceeded most predictions and many expecations didn't turn out as they thought they would.

Game 70 Preview: New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs

Tonight, the New Jersey Devils will take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. This preview emphasizes that the Devils cannot take this game or this team lightly, touches on some possible lineup changes for the Devils, and highlights a few players on the Leafs.

Game 60 Preview: New Jersey Devils vs. Nashville Predators

Tonight, the New Jersey Devils will play their final home game before the Winter Olympics break against the Nashville Predators. This preview highlights the current situation of the Devils and includes some insight into the Predators thanks to Chris Burton.

Game 28 Preview: New Jersey Devils @ Buffalo Sabres - 12/7/2009

The New Jersey Devils travel to Buffalo to take on the Sabres on Monday night. This preview makes a safe guess at the Devils' possible lineup, explains why the offense needs to be better, and features insight into the Sabres by Zachary Zielonka of Die by the Blade.

Game 23 Preview: New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins - 11/27/2009

The New Jersey Devils will travel up north to play the Boston Bruins at noon on Black Friday. The Bruins have won four straight, but the Devils just beat a team who won four straight. This preview emphasizes the importance of the forecheck for New Jersey.

Reviewing the Previews: Prediction Roundup

With the season beginning for the New Jersey Devils tomorrow, I roundup all the Devils previews out there and state their predictions. Most have the Devils finishing 3rd in the Atlantic - making the playoffs.

Reviewing the Previews: TSN.ca's 30 Teams in 30 Days

TSN.ca writes pretty negatively about the New Jersey Devils in their team preview, stating that Jacques Lemaire will hurt their offense due to his style. While this hasn't been true and despite the tone of the preview, they think the Devils will finish 8th overall in the league.

Reviewing the Previews: Ross McKeon at Yahoo! Sports

Ross McKeon of Yahoo! Sports wrote a preview for the New Jersey Devils that contains two major flaws. I point out what they are and why they are so bad. Also included is a short review of a short preview by Carl Lombardi at FantasyPros911.

New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers - Preseason Game #1 Preview

The New Jersey Devils will host the New York Rangers tomorrow in their first preseason game. This preview highlights that the focus should be on how the players perform instead of the result.

Reviewing Devils Previews: Chuck Gormley for The Sporting News 2009-10 Hockey Yearbook

Chuck Gormley did the New Jersey Devils team preview for the Sporting News' 2009-10 Hockey Yearbook. It's a fairly negative preview marred by lazy errors and omissions.

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