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Where and How Zach Parise Scored His Goals for the New Jersey Devils: Part 2


In a follow-up post about where and how Zach Parise scored his goals for the New Jersey Devils, this looks at the 11 post-Olympic goals Parise scored for New Jersey. It can be concluded that Parise...

Three Important Quotes from Rich Chere's Fascinating Article on the New Jersey Devils' Locker Room Issues


Rich Chere of the Star Ledger had a fascinating article about Jamie Langenbrunner and Jacques Lemaire. Three quotes from that article stuck out so much that I have added my own opinions about the...

Correcting Thoughts about the New Jersey Devils' 5-on-5 Play in the 2010 Playoffs


In looking at average shot distance by the New Jersey Devils between the season and the playoffs, I show that the Philadelphia Flyers didn't keep them on the perimeter at even strength. However,...

A Look at the 2009-10 New Jersey Devils' Scoring and Shooting Percentage


I take a detailed look at the New Jersey Devils' scoring and shooting percentage from the 2009-10 season and playoffs. This includes a monthly breakdown, comparison to prior seasons, and shooting...

A Closer Look at the 2009-10 New Jersey Devils' Penalty Kill


After looking at the power play, I take a closer look at the penalty killing performance by the 2009-10 New Jersey Devils. I find a more consistent result but still some areas where the Devils...

The New Jersey Devils Power Play Needs Improvement


One of the issues with the New Jersey Devils' 2009-10 season was their inconsistent power play. I breakdown the power play by month, by year, and before and after Ilya Kovalchuk; as well as offer...

Jacques Lemaire Retires - What He Did as Coach of the New Jersey Devils & What Next


Upon announcement of his retirement today, I provide a reaction and summary of Jacques Lemaire's coaching in 2009-10 while providing a few thoughts on possible replacements.

The 15 Goals Martin Brodeur Gave Up in the 2010 NHL Playoffs: An Analysis


As the Devils lost in the first round to the Flyers, there's criticism being raised for Martin Brodeur. I reviewed video of each of the 15 goals he allowed and came to different conclusions about...

The New Jersey Devils: April 2010 in Review


I review the month of April - the great regular season part and the awful playoff part - for the New Jersey Devils. llya Kovalchuk was consistently solid in both so he is named Devil of the Month.

Total Embarrassment by New Jersey Devils Ends 2009-10 Season; Lose to Philadelphia Flyers 3-0


The New Jersey Devils were eliminated in the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Philadelphia Flyers in an embarrassing 3-0 loss on home ice. This is a recap

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